Community Center Shanghai and Social Impact-Community Center Shanghai and Social Impact-Nord Anglia Education
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08 June, 2023

Community Center Shanghai and Social Impact

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Over the past few weeks, the Social Impact Club of NAIS Pudong has been busy collaborating with the Community Center Shanghai to raise funds for schools in need of counseling and quality education. The programme aimed to promote mental health awareness for all individuals, adult or child, as well as support others as an act of pure kindness!

There was simply only one task: To sell as many of our unique, cuddly Alpaca plush toys and spread happiness amongst our students and teachers. And it was wildly successful. In just a couple of weeks, over 140 Alpacas were sold, and we managed to generate a total of nearly 7000 RMB! All profits garnered from the sales of these toys were directed to the project and to schools lacking mental health care. Of course, it was a win-win situation. Not only did it help other schools develop, it also cast joy amongst our many customers who now have fluffy animals in their company whenever life is stressful or depressing. Doing good leads to feeling good, and that’s how a better world can be made by all of us. This is a perfect example of that.

And now as we look back, this project has served as a powerful reminder of the value social impact activities can have in bringing to light issues that affect and guide our society, both individually and collectively.

After all, doing good leads to feeling good, and without these collective deeds of generosity and kindness, nothing would be achieved. But we’ve done it — this is a remarkable achievement, showcasing the essence of Nord Anglia International School's commitment to empowering students to make their own positive impact for their own futures. Yet, collective actions like this can only be performed as a team. Through the collaboration between the Social Impact students and the Community Center Shanghai, students at Nord Anglia International School can make a significant contribution to other schools around our community. 

The Social Impact Club is extremely grateful for this partnership and hopes to continue working together and create more everlasting impact to the world we all share.