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21 December, 2023

Principal's Awards - Considerate learners

Principal's Awards - Considerate learners-principals awards-640-1

Last Friday, we gathered together to witness the efforts and achievements of the entire term. This marks the first time in the past three years that we have been able to follow a complete schedule of various activities, including residential trips, sports competitions, enrichment weeks, and full parental involvement in school events. The theme for this term is linked to one of our core value of developing considerate students.  For those unable to make the awards ceremony this morning, please see the text from the Principal’s speech below:

Principal's Awards - Considerate learners-principals awards

Good morning, students, teachers, and dear parents.
I want to express how delightful this term of 2023 has been. To help students re-adjust to normal school life, we have embedded our core values—creativity, consideration, and confidence—into our daily school routines. This term we celebrate the value of 'consideration.' While creativity and confidence are easily understood in the context of university life, being considerate may be a bit more challenging to grasp. Is being considerate simply about being nice? Well, not exactly.
Consideration involves maintaining positive and constructive relationships when interacting with others, especially your peers. Being considerate of different perspectives, opinions, and actions contributes to effective communication with everyone in society; parents, family, friends, colleagues, study partners, and soon-to-be friends. Considerate communication is rooted in respect, active listening, and clear messaging to others. This ability enables young adults to thrive and succeed in university, and more importantly, in life.
Consideration is about promoting community and resolving conflict. Children who understand the impact of their actions on others, build strong and lasting relationship networks, which evolve into support systems for everyone involved. They contribute to a sense of shared responsibility within all the communities they are part of—study groups, classrooms, families, and the wider community.
Think about the people you know in your life. How many of them possess the skills I have just spoken about? I suspect many do, and they are all leaders in one way or another. Consideration is a vital part of being able to lead others. This is what we cultivate here at NAIS Pudong. We nurture future leaders and develop our students so they thrive in university, succeed in life, and this ceremony is part of that process - celebrating our students who have developed their consideration skills over this term.

Principal's Awards - Considerate learners-principals awards

Congratulations and sincere appreciation goes to the following students for their outstanding efforts in conveying goodwill in their daily lives, caring not only for their peers but also for the community and even strangers from afar. We acknowledge and encourage this beautiful behaviour. Congratulations to them!

  • YEAR 1: Kerr Y
  • YEAR 2: Yibao Z
  • YEAR 3: Julia X
  • YEAR 4: Sophia C
  • YEAR 5: Jonny X
  • YEAR 6: Joy C
  • YEAR 7: Georgia R
  • YEAR 8: Ricky Z
  • YEAR 9: Jonathan L
  • YEAR 10: Amos N
  • YEAR 11: Joey S
  • YEAR 12: Matthew G
  • YEAR 13: William H

We must thank them for bringing positive energy and setting an example for our campus. In the second term, we aim to work together to cultivate more qualities of consideration and create a warmer, more loving learning environment!

Principal's Awards - Considerate learners-principals awards