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15 May, 2019

Student Stories


Since joining the school in Year 2, Max has made quite an impression, especially when on a sports field! Max has excelled in a range of sports, representing the school in Athletics, Swimming, Football, Cricket, Rugby and Basketball. Max has particularly excelled in Athletics where he holds Dubai records for his age groups in the 80, 100, 150 and 1500M races.

Max loves how much he gets pushed in sports, particularly whilst training with the swim squad. “Each session we get challenged hard by the coaches and I always come out of the pool struggling for breath.” Max also said he loves the range of sports he has been able to learn since joining NAS Dubai.


Hi my name is Hamdan Al Subousi and I am in Year 7 at NAS Dubai. I have been at this school since Year 2 and that means that I have been here for four years now. NAS Dubai is like my home and the students and teachers here are like my family. I love my school for many reasons BUT these are the main ones:

Firstly, leaning here is always fun and different compared to other schools. The teachers at NAS Dubai always make learning fun and I have had some great teachers in my time here like Mrs. Green, Mr. Walters and Mr. Allen.


Secondly I get to learn about many different topics and subjects. My favourite subjects are PE, science, mathematics, English and moral education. I play lots of sports and I am part of the under-11 boys football team. I love playing sports at NAS Dubai and I always look forward to our football competitions and matches. I also really enjoy doing practical science experiments and learning about how things work.

Finally, my school is full of many different students and teachers from all over the world. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about the many different places that they have all come from. NAS Dubai is a great place to make friends and in my opinion is the best school in the world.


Hello! My name is Brendan Fitzpatrick, I am a Year 13 IB student at NAS Dubai. I am a 4x Bronze Medalist At the European Youth Olympic Festival, 6x French National Record Holder & 2 Time Canadian Senior Champion.

Being a student-athlete here at NAS, I know that I will be able to pursue my dream of making it to the largest stage that my sport can offer: the Olympics; and all while knowing that I will be receiving an exceptional education.


Anushka scored a fantastic 41 points in the IB diploma programme and will be attending New York University majoring in International Relations. Anushka joined NAS Dubai for her sixth form journey and in those two years she made a great impact within our school, reflected in her achievement of the Year 12 ‘Best CAS Portfolio’ award.

Anushka was a big driver of the Global Goals Challenge, an initiative to support and inspire youths to achieve the Sustainable development goals. She was part of a small team of students who ran the Model United Nations after school activity, teaching students how to debate in formal MUN style as a delegate. Anushka was also part of our Charity Committee, took part in the World Scholars Cup and was a school council representative.

Her dedication to the IB diploma programme throughout her two years culminated in the achievement of the Year 13 ‘IB Champion’ Award. 


Razan will be going to the University of St Andrews to study Psychology. She has had a love of psychology since taking it as an IB subject and she chose it as her area of research for her Extended Essay.

A natural leader, Razan took on many leadership roles during her time with us, including form representative and the running of our Student Box, which has successfully raised money for Dubai Cares.

Razan has played a large part in the ensuring NAS Dubai are working towards achieving the UNICEF Global goals; she was chosen as a team of six students to attend the NAE-UNICEF Summit in New York. During her time there she worked with students around the world from 30 different schools, and planned solutions that may be implemented in organisations such as UNICEF.

Razan was also involved in our Charity committee with the aim of building a school in Nepal and helped with the running of many events such as the staff talent show, dress up events and the cycle from Dubai to Nepal.  


As our top IB scorer in 2019, Tom achieved a very impressive 43 points in his IB Diploma. His hard work, determination and resilience was rewarded by five grade sevens. Tom will be attending Durham University to study History.

His love of History was evident throughout his time at NAS Dubai and it went well beyond the classroom, with Tom choosing the 1688 Glorious Revolution in England as his area of research for his extended essay. During the summer holidays of Year 12, Tom created a Historical Photobook from his visits to London, Paris, Milan, Tuscany and Munich.

As part of an internship, Tom attended the House of Commons. Maybe we will see him there one day! As a keen sportsman Tom also played both football and basketball with our school teams; we have no doubt he will continue with his sports at Durham University. 


With an impressive 42 points Arvana will be joining the University of Cambridge to read Law, a dream which she has pursued from a very young age. Arvana hopes to work in the field of International Humanitarian Law.

Arvana has always oozed passion for law. She attended the UN Global Student Summit 2018 in New York where she debated resolutions in the Human Rights Council. Arvana also delivered a speech at the event about violence towards children where she advocated for the need of youth involvement in policy making.

Arvana was the founder of our inaugural Charity Committee and led many school events to successfully raise funds to build a school in Nepal. Independently, Arvana initiated the ‘Nisha Project’ to improve the educational life and health of a nine-year-old girl in India who suffered from a stroke, leaving her body half-paralysed. She also worked with the Human Rights Commission in Rajasthan, to gain understanding of how gender injustice and customs exploits the law that protect women. While there, Arvana had a research paper on Gender Customs and the Law published by the Rajasthan Human Rights Commission.