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Nord Anglia
19 March, 2019

Delicious International Food Fair

Delicious International Food Fair 美味 , Lækker , Delizioso, Lecker, Heerlijk, 맛있는, Lazat, Delizioso! IMG_3507 1

美味 , Lækker , Delizioso, Lecker, Heerlijk, 맛있, Lezat, Delizioso!

Delicious was the word on everyone’s lips during our International Day Food Fair. The many different ways to say delicious echoed the variety and cultural diversity of our school family, and this could be seen in the tasty banquets prepared for the children. Dressed in national costume, with creatively decorated tables, our amazing parents served home-made delights from around the globe; some old favourites and some exciting new tastes and flavours, but all exceptionally yummy! It was an amazing achievement to prepare such high quality food for so many hungry and curious children and certainly one of the great highlights of the year for everyone. Huge thanks to all the families who made this event possible – I am feeling hungry just thinking about the delicious tastes and can’t wait for next year!

Läcker, स्वादिष्ट, délicieux, восхитительный, Lezzetli, Delicious!


Niki Meehan