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15th September 2017

Class Notices

Science Lessons Toys Request

As I am sure you are aware, our current project is called, ‘The Magic Toymaker’. Next week in our Project work lessons, we are investigating how toys move, with a focus on push and pull forces. We would like the children to bring in one toy that they can use in this investigation. We would like wheeled toys, toys with string, toys with springs, rocking toys, jack-in-the-box and the like. Please only send toys that are used and that are not precious. They will be kept at school all week and returned on Friday. Thank you.

When does it need to come back?

Please see below for a reminder of what is needed and when:


  • Return reading book and Reading Record (blue book) to school in folder
  • Return clean hat



  • Wear PE kit to school
  • Return yellow Spelling Journal to class



  • Bring swimming kit (including towel and swim shoes) to school in a separate bag inside school bag
  • Return reading book and Reading Record to school in folder


  • Return library book
  • Spelling Journal comes home
  • Wear PE kit to school
  • Hat comes home for washing

We very much prefer it if you keep your child’s reading book and blue Reading Record in the folder at all times. This is the best way to ensure that your child gets a new reading book on Mondays and Thursdays. Please take it out at home to read but then return it to the folder. It also helps for our 1-1 reading in class if the reader is in the folder at all times. Your child’s Spelling Journal can be removed on a Friday and kept at home for the activities and then returned to school on Wednesdays. 


This week we have been learning about rhyme using Julia Donaldson’s story, ‘Room on the Broom’ as inspiration. The children have all had the opportunity to identify pairs of rhyming words within a text, think of their own rhyming pairs and correctly match sets of rhyming words. The children have really enjoyed practising these skills and should they wish to continue, they might find this website enjoyable:



This week in Maths the children have been revising and extending their knowledge of 2D shapes.  The children first identified 2D shapes and then highlighted their properties.  The children reinforced their learning through a range of hands on activities and enjoyed the challenge of creating tangram designs.

Project Work

This week in their project lessons, the children have been learning more about the history of toys. They have identified and sorted modern toys and toys from the past and have explored the differences between them. The children also created a timeline of toys. Next week the children will begin to explore forces needed to move different toys. Please see the notice above for further information. 


This week students focused on introducing their name and age to each other orally. They learnt a song related to Numbers. Additionally, they also started to trace individual words in the correct stroke order. Please click on the link to visit online flashcards programme: https://quizlet.com/_2fi2fo


This week we have been learning how to do capital letters on the keyboard.  This builds on last week's games by combining the lower case letters with the upper case letters.  We also did some mouse work on drawing the letters on the screen to continue to embed the mouse skills learnt in the first two lessons.


In P.E lessons this week the children have continued to practise sending and retrieving a basketball in a variety of different ways, as they work both independently and within small groups. In Swimming, we have continued to assess the children and spilt them into teaching groups as they swim on their front and back and with or without a swimming aid.


In Music this week, the children have been learning about the traditional Chinese Pi'pa song 'Ambush from Ten Sides' and how the anonymous composer used sound effects to depict the sounds of a battle. The children then used percussion instruments to bring their own story to life using sound effects. 

Homework Your child’s spellings have been stuck into their yellow Spelling Journal. These spellings reflect the sounds they have been reviewing and learning in their daily phonics lessons. Please help your child to practise their new sounds and words at home using some of the activities at the front of their spelling journal. Your child can also use the page that the spellings have been stuck onto to practise writing them. Just a gentle reminder that your child’s spelling journal needs to be returned to school by Wednesday each week so that new spellings can be issued for Friday.