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20th April 2018

  • Year 2 Weekly Roundup

This week in English, we have been sharing information about our holidays. We have produced a written recount of what we did over the Easter break and tried to include lots of descriptive phrases and information. Then, in preparation for book week, we have looked at what it means to be charitable. We have also been introduced to our focus book that we will be using in next week’s lessons.

Why not ask me if I can remember what Leo from our story is looking forward to receiving?


This week in Maths, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have started by describing the different properties of 3D shapes such as faces, edges and vertices. We then went on a shape hunt around our classroom and looked at ways of sorting 3D shapes based on their attributes.

Why not ask me to explain what a face, an edge and a vertex are in a shape.

Project Work

This week in IPC, we have been introduced to our new topic for this half term called ‘Hooray, we’re going on holiday’. We have turned our classroom into an airport, created our own passports and discussed what we already know about holidays. We also had the opportunity to share a photo or souvenir from a holiday that we really enjoyed. We look forward to learning more in the weeks ahead.

Why not ask me to explain what a passport is?


This week the students had a recap on numbers 1-100, common shapes, time and antonyms through Kagan activities and fun games. They practiced counting to 100 in Chinese and revised shapes such as triangles, circles, rectangles and squares. They also revised telling time by the hours, half hours, quarter to and quarter past. In addition, they practiced using antonyms such as tall and short, big and small in conversations.


In computing this week, the children have been using the application "Turtle" to learn about a range of coding commands, including forward (fd), left (lt), right (rt). They have also attempted to produce a variety of shapes (such as squares and rectangles) using these instructions. The children have also been encouraged to further their skills by attempting the activities on the following websitehttps://turtleacademy.com/lessons/en

Physical Education


This week, the children started learning about pool safety. They learned how to keep themselves and others safe around the pool and began to use noodles and kickboards to help ‘rescue’ a friend. 


The children have begun to learn about racquet skills. They have been practising using the correct grip, being in a ready position and how to strike a ball.


This week Year 2 students were split into groups and taught to sing different melodies from Stravinsky's 'Ritual of the Two Rival Tribes'. After a time of practice, groups performed their melodies one after the other, repeatedly, exploring the effects of opposing melodies and 'battling instruments'.


Throughout the past two terms the children have shown great enjoyment in sharing their homework with the friends in class. With this in mind, we are changing the format of the homework for Term 3.

Today, the children received a sheet of activities related to different areas of Maths. The children can select one area and produce a piece of work based on it. There are some suggested activities on the sheet or the children can do something that interests them. These activities can be practical or written. Whatever, the children have done they will then bring in on Wednesday, as usual, and share with their friends. The aim is for the children to inspire each other with their homework tasks.

In the Weekly Roundup we will continue to inform you about what areas of Maths the children have been learning about each week. The children may choose to do some homework on this area or they may have another area that interests them. Once the children have done an activity they should tick it off and try a different area for next week’s homework. Please only complete one activity per week.

If you have any further questions about the homework, please contact your child’s class teacher.