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24th August 2017


This week, we began our four week block on Traditional Tales and looked at the story Hansel and Gretel. Firstly, we read part of the story and made our own predictions about what we thought might happen next. Additionally, we thought about the view point of different characters throughout the story and wrote a diary entry suggesting a characters thoughts and feelings. Finally, throughout this learning we thought about the features of traditional tales and even helped solve a ‘crime against literacy’ for the police!


For our first week back after the holidays, Year 3 having been exploring number and place value. We have played various games and completed practical activities to help us to learn the value of each digit in a number. We can now partition a number into hundreds, tens and units, this will support us as we move into addition and subtraction next week.

Project Work

This week, we reviewed the importance of learning, what helps us learn and looked for examples of good learning around the school. We thought about what how we are connected by our similarities and differences and used this as a way to demonstrate how our brain makes connections between different learning. We are ready to start our first project from the IPC next week and are aware of how we may need to use different learning styles to get the best out of our learning opportunities.


This week, we reviewed topics covered in Year 2 in order to consolidate all previous words and sentence structures taught and used this to begin to ascertain the children’s level of proficiency in Mandarin. The students engaged in various word games and songs to engage and interest them in learning the language.


Pupils have been learning to improve their accuracy when typing instead of focusing on speed as this does not show much improvement. Once they slowed down and started being more accurate instead of learning to type faster we started to see an increase in typing speed.

These are useful websites that can be used to further engage your children in typing skills at home.

https://sense-lang.org/typing/tutor/EN_lessons.php?lesson=1 http://www.abcya.com/keyboarding_practice_2.htm

Also, we have created logins for the following website https://school.keyhero.com/start/

Login example

Login username : scarlett.Jones (firstname.lastname)
Password : dover (lowercase)

Physical Education

Year 3 pupils have learnt the 500m school cross-country course this week. They dis two laps in total. The first lap focused on learning the route and the terrain. The second lap pupils jogged around the course with a `buddy`. The aim was to `stay together and work together`.

This week’s lesson in the pool has focused on water safety in and around the pool. Pupils have been demonstrating their freestyle and backstroke. They have also been jumping and, or, diving into the water from the diving blocks.


This week in music, Mr Irving and Mr Fernandez introduced themselves to their respective classes and led students in a rhythm-based name game.


This week, Children have the tasks to complete in their spelling journal, their all about me jigsaw in their homework book and must learn their 2 x table for a test on Thursday. Myimaths log ins will be distributed next week.