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20th April 2018

  • Year 4 Weekly Roundup

The children have learnt how to use pronouns to replace a noun to help avoid repetition. They have revised the use of different tenses, focussing on the irregular past tense verbs and started to learn about the past perfect and present perfect form. The children started ‘The Little Prince’ which is the Year 4 book chosen for next week’s Book Week. They have been answering comprehension questions, looking at character traits and decorating each classroom’s door using the book for inspiration.


This week, the children have been learning how to compare and classify triangles, parallelograms, trapeziums, kites and quadrilaterals by looking at their properties and sizes.

Project Work

During Project Work this week, Year 4 have learnt about the famous ‘pop’ artist, Andy Warhol. They were introduced to the colour wheel and applied their newly learnt knowledge to use complementary colours in their own, Andy Warhol-style art. Furthermore, the children discovered more art styles from the last century and created their own impression of these too. Artists and styles we looked at include Jackson Pollock (Abstract Expressionism), Paul Klee (Modernism) and Victor Vasarely (Optical art).


This week, the students revised previous learnt topics such as numbers and time through number games and Kagan activity. Additionally, they engaged in board games and character sheets to enhance their recognition of characters and writing skills. For home support, please find the quizlet link:https://quizlet.com/_2qez0u


Children have been introduced to the Turtle/Logo application which they will use this term. They have been shown the user interface and have started writing procedures for shapes.

Physical Education

This week in PE, the students have been partaking in their new activities. During softball, they have been looking at batting quick return of the ball. In dodgeball, the students have been looking at game play, including rules and regulations.

During swimming, students have been learning safety in the water and survival skills. This has included learning the survival backstrokes and sidestroke. They have also practiced the noodle rescue.


This week Year 4 students shifted their focus from Jazz to Chamber Music. Students listened to several excerpts from György Ligeti's 'Six Bagatelles for Woodwind Quintet' and then discussed the tone colour of the instruments mixing their sounds together. Students were encouraged to think of the mixing sounds in terms of 'texture', after exploring the physical textures of classroom objects.


All homeworkis to be completed in the Homework Journal.


● Write a book report about their favourite book / a book that they would recommend their friends to read. To be shared with the class during Book Week

SpellingChoose one of the activities in your spelling journal. Complete these activities in your Homework Journal.

●  Reading: please record daily reading in Student Planners. Childrenshould be reading for 15 minuteseach day.


●   MyiMaths: Properties of triangles / Lines and quadrilaterals.

●      Tables:please continue to learn all times tables.

Project Work - Half Term Project

This term, the Project Work ‘Fashion’ theme is focusing on history and change.  For your half term project, you should create a timeline of the change and development of a chosen topic or item.

For example: how hairstyles have evolved over the century; how football boots have developed; how TVs have progressed; etc. Short captions detailing the developments will add insight to the changes.

This project is due in on Wednesday 9thMay. That week, each child will have the opportunity to present their project to the class. Your timeline could be handwritten on a poster, can be typed on the computer or can be shown using a PowerPoint.