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27th April 2018

  • Year 4 Weekly Roundup

The children have really enjoyed reading The Little Prince. They have acted out scenes from the book where the Prince meets the various characters, thinking about the different character traits. The children have explored the deeper meanings, morals and underlying messages in the book through character analysis and by looking at and interpreting quotes. They have also been inspired to create their own magic pill.


This week in Maths, the children have been developing their understanding of fractions by learning how to add and subtract them while being able to explain why the denominator stays the same. In addition to this, they have also revisited equivalent fractions by ensuring they understand how to use multiplication and division to find the answers.

Project Work

Year 4 had a wonderful time modelling their clothing creations in the fashion show on Tuesday. Many children overcame their shyness and delighted in showing their wares. In addition to that, the Year 4s also conducted their own experiments on waterproof fabric and investigated the properties that make fabric waterproof or not.


This week, the children revised the format of date and days of the week through the Kagan activities and worksheets. Listening and speaking skills, as well as reading and writing skills were enhanced during the lesson. For home support, please find the quizlet link:https://quizlet.com/_2k5ouk


Children have continued learning about Turtle/Logo application by understanding some basic commands like forward, backwards, left and right. They have used these commands to write procedures for different shapes.

Physical Education

This week in PE, the students have been looking at fielding in T-ball. They have been looking at different ways to return the ball to base. The children have also begun to look at implementing this into a game.

During swimming, Year 4 have been continuing to look at water survival. This week they have focused on the rope rescue and being able to stay afloat in water.


This week, Year 4 students explored how Ligeti creates the effect of dialogue in his 'Six Bagatelles for Woodwind Quintet'. They observed and discussed the different effects of instrument parts copying, mirroring and chasing each other in chamber music. Students also used their voices and actions to experiment with similar effects.


Due to the long weekend, there will be no written English or Maths homework this week.

Children are encouraged to still learn their spellings to be tested on Wednesday and to read. It is also a great opportunity for them to concentrate on their half term project.

Project Work - Half Term Project

This term, the Project Work ‘Fashion’ theme is focusing on history and change.  For your half term project, you should create a timeline of the change and development of a chosen topic or item.

For example: how hairstyles have evolved over the century; how football boots have developed; how TVs have progressed; etc. Short captions detailing the developments will add insight to the changes.

This project is due in on Wednesday 9thMay. That week, each child will have the opportunity to present their project to the class. Your timeline could be handwritten on a poster, can be typed on the computer or can be shown using a PowerPoint.