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13th October 2017

  • Year 6 Weekly Roundup
  • Year 6 Weekly Roundup

This week, children have continued to develop their skills in persuasive language by planning and writing their own persuasive speech. They worked in Cooperative Learning groups to use features of persuasion to improve a Dragons’ Den pitch by Steve Jobs to gain investment for his invention – the iPad. They then used these skills to plan and write their own pitches to gain investment for a variety of inventions.


This week, the children have continued their work on fractions. They have been adding and subtracting mixed numbers with different denominators by first working on the whole number before changing the fractions so that they have the same denominator and completing the calculation. In some aspects of subtraction, the children had to ‘borrow’ from the whole number and add it to the numerator. They have carried these skills forward to solve word problems involving both calculations.

Project Work

Our IPC lessons this week have been used for PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education). Our focus has been on e-safety and we have learnt strategies for keeping safe online, including the importance of protecting our personal and private information. We then discussed how to manage requests of personal information and images of ourselves and others. Finally, we developed our knowledge on how to be responsible when using mobile phones. Please see the attached PowerPoint that has been used in lessons this week. It contains information and videos that you can discuss with your child at home.


This week, we continued the topic of fruits. We focused on the revision, which included all the vocabs and sentence structures we learnt during last two weeks. Character recognition and oral expression were reinforced. Multiple class activities were conducted during the class, especially, pupils had a chance to exchange their fruit with classmates by describing its feature (shape, colour, size and taste).


In this code.org stage pupils use the Artist environment to write programs that have looped statements inside another loop, which is called a nested loop.  They will break complex tasks into smaller repeatable sections and combine simple shapes into complex designs with nested loops.

Physical Education

During our PE lesson this week we have focused on breaking down the free-style stroke in swimming. We have looked at partner observations and how to observe and give feedback to improve performance.


This week Year 6 students experimented with different accompaniments for the 'Circle Dance' theme from Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring'. Students discussed how altering the accompaniment altered the mood of the theme as well.


No homework has been set in line with our No Holiday Homework Policy.