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15th September 2017


Children have continued their narrative topic. This week’s writing workshops have focused on learning to use suspense effectively and being able to use direct and reported speech correctly. Children have thought about the purpose of speech in narratives to convey character or advance the action. They then used these skills in planning and writing their rising action sections of their stories.


This week the children have been adding and subtracting decimals to two places using mental strategies and jottings. Children have applied their mental addition and subtraction to solve multi-step problems, focusing on understanding the problem and which calculations will lead to the answer.

Project Work

Moving around the classroom with a partner, children had to retrieve information from different fact cards. This gave them an insight to numerous different famous inventors. We then explored one inventor in detail. Carefully watching a video on Alexander Graham Bell, children had to answer comprehension based questions on his life, inspiration and ideas. Using this knowledge, children then produced an Edmodo profile for him.


This week we continued with the topic of colour. On the base of structure of indicate colour, and how to ask and answer about the colour. We also learnt more sentence patterns about the colour by making dialogues, and read a story about rainbow. Besides, the students drew a picture about our campus by using the colours and wrote several sentences they had learnt.

Quizlet Link: https://quizlet.com/218989327/y6-flash-cards/


Pupils have continued from last lesson where they were doing a problem solving game called Sugar, Sugar 2 on the www.abcya.com  website.  This problem solving game incorporates logical thinking and trial and error to complete each level.  The levels increase in difficulty and allow pupils to solve each problem in a unique way.

Physical Education

During our PE lesson this week we have looked at running over different terrains in cross-country. We have learnt how to undertake hill running as well as how our technique changes on a straight section of our course.


This week Year 6 students explored how Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' evokes a primitive time of mysterious, wild rituals. One ritual depicted is a traditional Russian dance called a 'khorovod'. Students discussed how the ritual may have come about in the context of winter and spring. Students then learned to play Stravinsky's incantation melody using the keyboards.


English: To use Alan Peat sentences and adverbial phrases to uplevel the sentences and make them more interesting for the reader.

Maths: My iMaths – adding and subtracting decimals. Answer the questions mentally.

IPC: All TIC TAC TOE booklets have been given out. Students should begin to work on their second task which should be handed in on Wednesday 20th September.

Spelling: Spellings have been recorded in the student’s spelling journals. The words are a combination of the spelling rule that they are learning in class as well as statutory key words for the Year group they are working at.