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Tom's Malaysia Adventure

03 June 2016

Greatest trip In Malaysia,2016.       

From 23 to 27 of May 2 016 , the year 6 children from TX and AP1 came from to the giant city to the giant and humid jungle in Gopeng,Malaysia.The awesome instructors from Nomad adventure help us in all of the great activities making us having a great time.

Day 1:We took a plane from Ho Chi Minh city to Kuala Lumpur and go on a big bus from the KLIA to Gopeng,after 2 hours on the bus we step outside,the temperature of the jungle was quite hot.We took our luggage and ran to our dome.The year 6s had a delicious dinner and for dessert we had some hot Milo,when we finish that we rushed back to our dome to clean up for the dome inspection and then went to bed.

Day 2:This day,we had some great breakfast and go to Gua Tempurung cave but before that we play some games to know other people name.The 35 children of us went to the cave first and the other group go after.our group go up the limousine and went to the cave. The giant cave was full of stalactites and stalagmites looking down at us and looking up at the rocky ceiling.we went a small river that create this whole masterpiece of limestone,on the way out it was full of marble and sharp rock that can scratch you so we were very beware of the rocks.In the afternoon we have free time when we can play and have a shower and we have more delicious dinner,and more hot Milo.and we all went to sleep.

Day 3: Today for our group we got Mountain School.We ate our breakfast and then went to there by the limousine. At first  our group split into three.My tiny group now go to the Silent Cave where the bat live. A Lot of people fell into the mud,me to but I was fine.Next up, we climbed up the mountain, most of the member of our team climb up to the maxium height, me,I climbed up half way only but it was a good experient for me.Next was the Low Ropes,everyone made it through easily by holding the rope and walk on the cable ,tyres and woods.We have lunch and then doing the larger activity. There were the Leap of Faith where we climbed up a platform jump of it and try to touched the ball, I did not done it but Khoa and some other AP1 children did it.Then we done the zipline,we use the locking carabiners to climbed up bridge and go zipline,it was so fun, I think everybody enjoy it.The last thing we have was The Giant Swing,you been pull up by the children and teacher,Mr tom,the person incharge of the activity will ask you some question to stop you from concentrating and push a button that will let of the rope you holding,that will make you swing,it is half very fun and half scary.

Day 4:The next day half of our 70 year 6 children switched activity around.That day, was The River Day.This was the day where you learned how to survive in the river,how to crossed through river shallow part safely, and rescue your friend when they are in danger,rafting.We first of went there on the limousine,and our body full of energy to do all the activities .Then we all toke a part in rescuing yourself when you're in a moving river and everyone made it . Next up we went back to our tiny group from the day before and went of to other activities.We first up throw rope to friend to rescue them from danger,most of the member throw accurately to save their friend.After that,my tiny group did swimming across the river we did some belly flops and jumps.I almost floated away so I decide to swam faster and I did it.AND Lastly,our tiny group did Shallow River Crossing,everyone did successfully and Mr Ajit gave us a challenge that can we go across the river in the whole group in a triangle  and still have the shape and we did it again.After eating lunch,we will head toward the river and did some boat flip to help us survive when we go rating and the boat flip. We flipped the boat and then swim back to there.Me and Surbin help Rosie get up and she did flip the boat but it did not turn so we help a AP1 person to flip the boat.Then we tried to climb up,I try to but failed so the lightest person,Rosie so she go first.She pulled me up and I pull Surbin.Ryo jumped straight on and help us pulling other people.We did not do that well but we felt quite good about it.After that,we got put into rafting group,my group was Me,Ryo,Laura and one other AP1 children.From the start,we were in last place but gradually we came to be first place.On the way there was some places to rest and then we continued.My team and Mr Chris Team got so close at the finish but we came there first and won the race.In the afternoon where have dinner,it was James from AP1 birthday so we got some tasty ice creams after finish your buffet dinner.It was the last day so we got a another dome inspection.After that we went to bed to sleep.

Day 5:This was the last day of this amazing trip,we all had pack our bags and luggage so we are ready,we just needed to clean up our dome.Then the teacher tell the 70 children their dome inspection.Our dome was third place to winning.We all ate the last delicious breakfast before we leave.We said goodbyes to the instructor of Nomad Adventure and we go on to the bus.On the bus we watch film and play games.We got to KLIA and and fly back to Ho Chi Minh city.My travel group,we went and took our luggage from the teacher that were helping us.Everybody were all tired and was very happy that we see our parents again for a week.That was the best trip I ever went to by this far.