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Mr Ian Battersby: Weekly Update 16/11/18

Ian Battersby
Ian Battersby (92 posts) Head Teacher, Early Years and Infant Campus View Profile

Transparency – at BIS HCMC, we want our parent community to see what is happening in the classrooms and have the opportunity to ask about anything that we do.  It is by doing this that we have built up the levels of trust and support between home and school.

  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3348_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3350_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3346_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3342_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3338_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3336_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3331_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3326_
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  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3323_
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  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3315_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3314_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3312_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3311_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3304_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3303_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3302_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3300_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3293_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3290_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3287_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3281_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3268_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3260_
  • Specialists Open Classrooms EY_I 18 - IMG_3250_

It was wonderful to see over 100 parents join us for our first Specialist Open Classrooms event on Wednesday morning.  Following a short presentation from our specialist leaders, parents had the freedom to visit classes and see the specialist lessons taking place. 

All the specialist teachers, who teach at the Early Years and Infant Campus, were in the lessons, providing a great opportunity to ask questions and find out more about our approach to teaching music, physical education (PE) including swimming, information and communications technology (ICT), modern foreign languages (MFL) and library.  It was super to hear such positive feedback from parents and teachers alike.

Thank you to everyone who attended on Wednesday; as this event has proven so successful, we are already talking about holding similar events in the future.  We will keep you informed.

Finer Diners

Finer Diner

It is really important that the children develop good habits in the canteen.  We want to see them making healthy choices, eating their fruit and vegetables, being polite to the staff, saying please and thank you, and learning that there is appropriate behaviour when eating with others.  If a member of staff sees a child, making good choices, they write their name in the ‘Golden Book’.  Each week, 6 children are chosen to be ‘Finer Diners’.  They get to choose a friend to join them at the ‘Finer Diner’ table, have lunch with Ms Mary and myself (and sometimes, other special guests), and as a very special treat, they also have a muffin. 

Congratulations to this week’s Year 1 Finer Diners!

Community Talks

Ftalks 1

Schools are places of learning, and that is not restricted to the children.  Ms Sarah Bonner (who leads Fundinotots), has been working with Family Medical Practice and Raffles, amongst others, and put together a programme of talks for parents to learn more about raising children. 

Community Talks

Year 2 Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Choices

Following on from the Specialist Open Classrooms, Ms Sophie, our MFL leader, went on to explain to our Year 2 parents that from Year 3, children will learn one language, either French, Spanish or Mandarin.  A letter with more details will be sent to all Year 2 parents shortly, and if you would like to see Ms Sophie’s presentation, please follow the link below:

Y2 Parents MFL Choices

BIS Learning Skills Challenge

NAE STEAM Festival

Welcome back to the BIS Learning Skill Challenges.   

It’s Week 10 and a new set of challenges face all who want to crack the code and claim the prize. You can see this week’s challenge here.

Hints and Tips on Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management

On Thursday morning, 6th December, the Learning Support Department welcomes parents to the ‘Hints and Tips on Behaviour Management’ coffee morning on the Junior Campus (8.30-9.30am). It is open to all parents at both the Early Years & Infants and Junior Campuses.

The presentation will cover reasons behind negative behaviour, practical strategies to help change this to positive behaviour, and how to create and maintain a healthy home routine. Some of the topics we will also discuss include the importance of sleep, limiting screen time, how to use behaviour charts, dealing with tantrums, boosting self-esteem, reading, homework and encouraging learning through play.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Be Involved...

PTG Update

Family Fun Evening

We are looking forward to the Family Fun Evening which is happening tomorrow and continuing to prepare for International Week.  Please click on the link below;

Primary PTG Update: 16/11/18

Christmas BISzaar 2018

Christmas BISzaar 2018

Our Parent Teacher Group (PTG) are busy organising our annual Christmas BISzaar to be held on Saturday 8th December 2018 at the BIS Secondary Campus. Click on this link for more details.

Join our BIS Baby and Toddler Group


Children can start at BIS when they are 2 years old. Fundinotots is the ‘BIS Baby and Toddler Group’ where parents of children aged 0 to 36 months can meet other parents and allow their children to engage in a range of activities. Fundinotots is based on the new Early Years and Infant Campus.

To find out more about fundinotots at BIS HCMC, please click here.

Dates for your Diary...

17/11/18 – Family Fun Evening

20/11/18 – Official Opening of the Early Years and Infant Campus

20/11/18 – Teachers Day and World Children’s Day

22/11/18 – Year 1 & 2 Sports Day at the Junior Campus

27/11/18 – F2 & F3 Sports Day at the Junior Campus

28/11/18 – F1 Physical Development Day at the EY&I Campus

29/11/18 – Moving On Workshop

5/12/18 – F2 Superhero Bootcamp

5/12/18 – Year 1 Production

6/12/18 - Hints and Tips on Behaviour Management Coffee Morning

7/12/18 – Interim Reports to Parents

8/12/18 – Christmas BISzaar

11/12/18 – Primary Carol Concert

12/12/18 – EY&IC Christmas Market

14/12/18 – Term 1 ends @ 11.50am


Playground Supervision

To ensure our children are always safe, please do take note of the following message that is displayed in the EY&I campus:

Playground Supervision

Permission to leave slip

We would like to remind all parents that school identification badges must be shown and worn at all times when on any of our three campuses (including weekend and evening events).  If not, you will be asked for some form of identity and be required to wear a visitor’s badge.  

If you are collecting a child without the ID card, you will need to visit Reception for a ‘Permission to leave slip’ before collecting your child from the classroom and exiting the campus together.

We thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students and school site safe and secure.

Health and Safety

Stay Vigilant

As in all major cities petty crime does occur, as a reminder to all of us please always take care of your personal belongings, especially when walking across roads and along the pavements.

Safeguarding at school – it’s everyone’s responsibility


It is every parent’s wish to capture memorable moments on camera of their child at school either performing in an assembly, on their birthday or simply playing with their friends on the playground before the start of the school day.  Any photos that are taken by parents on personal devices must be kept private.  They must not be shared publicly on social media or between non-family members such as, other parents in the school.  By following these guidelines, we ensure our BIS safeguarding policy is adhered to and that our children are kept safe. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

BIS CPO poster_2018

If, during your visit to school, you have any reason to be concerned about the safety of a young person, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Leader.

Thank you,

Ms Mary

Teachers Day Gifts

Dear Parents

As we approach some significant events in our school year such as Teachers’ Day and Tet, I would like to take this opportunity to outline the school’s position on the receiving of gifts. As an organisation we take our responsibilities very seriously and we must ensure that at all times we protect the integrity of our community.

Our general school policy is that no one in the school should accept any form of cash as a gift. I would therefore respectfully request that you comply with this.

It is normal practice sometimes for a parent or child to buy a member of staff a gift in appreciation of their work and efforts. It is a kind and very thoughtful thing to do and is appreciated by our staff. This is perfectly acceptable and happens in every school I have ever worked in. However, the gift provided must be of a small value and not exceed 500,000VND in value. If any member of the school is offered a gift excess of this amount then they may choose to decline the gift or declare the gift to me.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Rowlands - Principal

And Finally…

Relationships and communities are built on shared experiences.  It was marvellous to hear this morning that we had sold out of tickets for the Family Fun Evening and that so many members of our community will be joining together tomorrow for an evening of fun. Don’t worry if you have not yet bought a ticket, they will be available on the door.  I look forward to seeing you all there. 

Have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend,

Ian Battersby, Head of the Early Years and Infant Campus