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Mr Simon Higham: Weekly Update 02/03/18

02 March 2018

Welcome back to the whole of our school community after our TET holiday. It is great to again experience the unique buzz around our campus, hearing news about individual travel experiences and feeling the excitement of what lies ahead.

This week, we have hit the ground running, settling back into the routine of creative and thought provoking learning opportunities. On Thursday, the EY&I campus was host to a welcome back coffee morning following our amalgamation period last half term. Thank you to all of the parents who attended and for their positivity and forward thinking topics of conversation.

Following this event, on Thursday evening was the PTG Dinner, packed with thought provoking conversation and inspiring presentations based around the theme of ‘third culture kids’. You may like to browse through the suggested readings from this evening by accessing the links below:

Thank you to the PTG for organising this event and to the presenters and speakers who made this such a successful evening.

top school

Within our social media this week, I came across this article from Study International News, that has identified top international schools around the world that ‘pursue all-round excellence’.

In line with the discussions that took part on Thursday evening, it states that ‘International pupils get the chance to learn alongside students from a diverse range of backgrounds, boosting their cultural awareness as each individual has a unique opinion to share. Since diversity and inclusion are fundamental, students will begin to feel as though they are part of a global family.

We are pleased that BIS HCMC has been identified as one of these top international schools, stating the following:

This school (BIS HCMC) promotes a strong sense of belonging, treating every learner as a unique individual with great capabilities and prospects.’

We should all be suitably proud in the part that we play on a daily basis in order to achieve this recognition. Take time to engage and connect with our Weekly Update in order to strengthen your sense of belonging within our school and reflect upon how both your learning and that of your child(ren) can benefit from the essential positive partnership between parents, teachers and children, that is needed in order to maintain our vibrant learning community.

Here Be Dragons! – Learning in Year 4

‘Here be Dragons!’ by Year 4 (9)

Year 4 children have been enjoying their current IPC topic ‘Adventurers and Explorers’ and have recently been learning about the Age of Exploration. The children have compared maps made at different points in history and learnt how our understanding of the world changes, as a result of exploration and advances in technology.

Read more about their learning and see some amazing artistic creations in this post by Ms Eileen Winfield – Chislett, Year 4 Teacher.

Cross School Student Leadership

Cross School Student Leadership 2

Just before the TET holiday, children from Years 4 to 6 joined forces to talk about the whole school projects they have embarked upon so far this year and those they would like to focus on in the future.

The BIS students also took the opportunity to give our friends from BVIS a tour of the newly formed Junior Campus. 

To look at some of the images from this visit, click here to read the post by Ms Aziza Williams, Year 1 Teacher and PSHE Leader.

Learning From The Best – NAE’s collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Following our final assembly on Friday 9th February, we would like to congratulate Matheo and Naomi, who have been chosen to represent BIS HCMC at MIT in Term 3. After a very challenging selection process from over 40 separate entries, both of our Year 6 children will travel to Boston and spend a week at MIT, in conjunction with our NAE /MIT partnership.

Watch this video to learn more about our collaboration with MIT.

Continuous Learning at BIS HCMC


Learning never really stops and at BIS HCMC we are always looking for opportunities to make sure we are at the forefront of new global teaching initiatives and to develop ourselves professionally, through taking part in research, courses and academic study. Read about the most recent successes of Ms Ly, Ms Sarah and Ms Mary in this post.

A  further congratulations to Ms Vy at the Junior Campus for also passing her Level 3 Cache and also to Ms Beth and Ms Deborah on the successful completion of their Middle Leader course from NAE.

I am sure that you will share our congratulations to you all in helping to further reinforce our commitment to lifelong learning – well done!

End of School Day Arrangements - Reminder

The first responsibility and priority of our school is to keep all children safe and well.  In recent weeks, we have noticed quite a large number of children wandering around the campus at the end of the school day. Some of these children have been collected by parents already and then let wander, others have not been collected and instead of going to the late room are waiting for their parents in areas of the school not supervised by teachers or teaching assistants.

Please can we reiterate once again the procedures for the end of day pick up;

  • All children should be picked up at 2.30pm from their classroom.
  • If they have a sibling, the older child can make their way to their sibling’s class and be picked up there.
  • At 2.40pm if a child has not been picked up from their class, they will be sent to the late room which is housed in the canteen.
  • At 3.00pm all children not yet collected from the canteen, will be brought to the office.
  • At 3.40pm after all clubs and Vietnamese lessons have finished, children should be collected from their club venue or Vietnamese classroom.

Please can we encourage you to collect your child/children from their classroom or canteen where they are supervised and safe. Please do not make alternative arrangements with your child as it puts them in a difficult situation and also at risk if they are not supervised.

Thank you for your support in ensuring all our children are safe.

Driver’s Code of Conduct


In order to keep our children safe on the roads outside BIS, both before and after school, please can you spend a few minutes of your time discussing the following points with your drivers.

Never stop on or near to a pedestrian crossing – in order to ensure that our families can cross the road safely, please instruct your driver to park as far away from the main gates as possible to avoid congestion. Try walking a short distance to keep cars down to a minimum.

Never U Turn along the stretch of road outside EYIC, JC and SC – tell your driver to drive away from school and if they have to U Turn, please do so on the wider, less congested roads. Try the route past JC along Nguyen Van Huong, as an alternative way to get home – it may take a few extra minutes driving but it will save the time you spend in traffic.

We all have our part to play – thank you.

Nhằm đảm bảo an toàn giao thông cho học sinh trường BIS ngoài khuôn viên trường trước và sau giờ học, phụ huynh vui lòng dành một ít thời gian để thảo luận các điều sau với tài xế của mình.

Không dừng gần hoặc trên vạch dành cho người đi bộ – nhằm đảm bảo an toàn cho các gia đình khi băng qua đường, vui lòng yêu cầu tài xế đậu xe cách xa cổng trường để tránh tắc nghẽn giao thông. Xin vui lòng đi bộ một quãng ngắn để hạn chế số lượng ô tô xung quanh trường.

Không quay đầu xe trên quãng đường bên ngoài EYIC, JC and SC – yêu cầu tài xế lái xe ra xa trường và quay đầu xe ở những khúc đường rộng hơn, giao thông thông thoáng hơn. Hãy đi đường Nguyễn Văn Hưởng đoạn phía trên JC – điều này có thể mất thêm vài phút lái xe nhưng sẽ tiết kiệm thời gian kẹt xe của bạn.

Tất cả chúng ta đều đóng vai trò quan trọng – xin cám ơn.

Safeguarding at school – it’s everyone’s responsibility


If, during your visit to school, you have any reason to be concerned about the safety of a young person, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Person.

Please note that CCTV cameras are in operation at all times across the campus.

PTG Update

PTG Coffee Morning

BIS Primary Spring Fair

This year’s Spring Fair will take place on Sunday 25th March, 10.00am – 2.00pm at the EY&I Campus.  We are only 3 week's away now from our annual school community and fundraising event! 

Entry Tickets and Raffle Tickets will be on sale from Monday 12th March until Friday 23rd March as follows:

  • Junior Campus at Gate A and Canteen mornings and afternoons.
  • EY&I Campus at Reception - Ms Palm.
  • Senior School at Reception - Ms Katie.

Ticket prices 100,000 vnd per child and 50,000 vnd per adult.

We need your help...

  • We also need your help on the day of the event please (Sunday 25 March), if you can spare an hour (or more!) please do e mail - to register your name/s. Thank you! 
  • We are also looking for raffle prizes for the Spring Fair, if anyone has a Company and they can donate something or can sponsor an activity at the event please do contact us for further details.  Raffle tickets to be on sale from Monday 12 March. 

Any small amount of time that you can give, goes a long way to help making this event a great success - all are welcome.

New Families

We hope everyone, parents and children, are settling in and finding their way around!  Please do reach out to the PTG if you've any queries or would just like to meet up

EY&IC Recycling Pop Up Shop

Pop Up-min

Our new campus needs you!  The recycling pop up shop needs to have parents managing it at the new campus. All we are looking for are enthusiastic volunteers to attend just one weekly meeting with the committee and simply set up the shop once a month.  No sewing involved! 

For more details please see the poster on the PTG board at EY&IC or contact   

Saturday Football

Saturday Football will resume again this Saturday 3rd March.

As usual our teams will train from:

  • 8.00am – 9.00am on the large field (Years 4, 5 and 6)
  • 9.00am – 10.00am on the small field (Years 2 and 3)

Fee Payment and Registration Forms

Thank you very much to all parents who have completed a registration form and made payment of the fee. A reminder that the fee is VND500k with a football kit and reduced to VND350k if your child re-uses their kit from last year. We will check all registration forms and issue an appropriate refund if a parent has paid the higher fee before the discounted amount was announced.

Shin Pads and Long Socks

Please ensure that your child always wears suitable long football socks and shin pads (they can be bought at the school shop or local sports shop). This prevents injury. Several children have not been wearing shin pads/socks at recent training.

Coaches needed for Y2/3 and 4/5/6 & Administration Volunteers

We are still looking for more Parent Coaches for the Y2/3 and Y4/5/6 teams. For each year group we want to make small coach teams (with parent and student coaches) so we/you are more flexible in case of you have to travel/have other commitments. Don’t worry too much about experience, as you will work in a team. Let us know if you can run one session and/or help to run a session each week.


  • Please remember children need to wear sports kit. 
  • Please remember all children need shin pads with football socks to protect their legs. 
  • Please remember they must bring a water bottle.
  • Hat or cap is optional
  • You can buy Football socks from the BIS Uniform Shop, or any sports shop.
  • For parents who are unable to stay throughout the whole training, would appreciate to arrive 10 minutes before your children's session ends to pick them.
  • Please remind children if they are wearing football boots, they are not allowed in the basketball court and the playground area as their boots might damage the floor surfaces. 

If you are able to help out or would like to find out more about how you can enrol your child, please email here

Calendar | BIS HCMC

  • Monday 5th: Year 6 Trip 1 leaves (Cat Tien)  - 6B, 6I, 6S, 6M

Arrive at Junior Campus at 7.30am / leave at 8.30am

  • Monday 5th: Year 4 Trip 1 leaves (Long Hai) – 4S, 4H, 4N

Arrive at school as normal

  • Tuesday 6th: Year 5 Trip 1 leaves (Hoi An) – 5S, 5C, 5H, 5N

Arrive at Junior Campus at 4.45am / leave at 5.15am

  • Wednesday 7th: Year 4 Trip 2 leaves (Long Hai) – 4B, 4I, 4C, 4V

Arrive at school as normal

  • Thursday 8th: Year 3 Sleepover
  • Tuesday 10th – EY&IC PTSC (parent, teacher, student conferences)
  • Wednesday 11th – EY&IC and Junior PTSC
  • Thursday 12th – Junior PTSC

And Finally………

Extra-Curricular Clubs for Term 2 and 3

This week has seen a successful start to our combined term 2 and term 3 extra-curricular club programme and we hope that your child has enjoyed the activities that have been on offer. Read more about what the children have been up to this week in this post by Ms Dee Grimshaw.

Please take time to look through the club booklet to ensure that you know the day and time of your child(ren’s) club and also which room to pick them up from.

The term 2 and term 3 booklet can be accessed here.

Please note that there will be a number of weeks in between where clubs do not run:

Week beginning 9th April to Tuesday 1st May due to holidays.

If you need more information, please contact:

Ms Duyen at BIS HCMC, Junior Campus  or

Ms Van at BIS HCMC, Early Years & Infant Campus

NAE BA-min

Mr Simon Higham, Head Teacher, BIS HCMC, Junior Campus