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Mr Ian Battersby: Weekly Update 10/05/2019

Ian Battersby
Ian Battersby (104 posts) Head Teacher, Early Years and Infant Campus View Profile

Keeping children safe takes many forms. One element of this is something we call ‘safeguarding’.  Safeguarding is a big topic, and includes the processes we go through when we recruit new staff, the checks that need to be in place when we invite adults to work with children (for example, our external club providers) and the systems we have in place if a member of staff is concerned that a child may be being harmed outside of school. 

As you know, there are restrictions in place at the gate to ensure we know who is on the school site at any given time.  During the busiest times of the day, at drop off and pick up, there are hundreds of adults on site, and we appreciate your cooperation in how we manage the movement of adults at this time.  We have noticed that there has been an increasing number of parents and nannies who are waiting on corridors whilst children take part in one of the co-curricular activities after school. Can I please remind everyone that whilst clubs are happening parents and nannies should wait in and around the ‘parents’ hall’ near PJ’s Coffee? Thanks.

Digital Citizenship

It was great to see so many of you at the Digital Citizenship Coffee Morning on Thursday.  Keeping our children safe online is so important.  The internet provides many fantastic learning opportunities for our children, but also many threats.  Mr Luke, who leads ICT across both campuses, shared a number of invaluable tips on how we can help our children to become responsible users of technology. The key message for all of us is that we need to have an open relationship with our children about their online lives.  As parents, we set the rules and apply them consistently, whilst all the time making it clear that if your child sees anything online whether it be an image, a video or text, they can talk to you about it.

For more details (including a link to the presentation), please see this post by Mr Chris McKelvie, Deputy Headteacher at Juniors and the member of our leadership team responsible for overseeing ICT in school:

Digital Citizenship Coffee Morning

Year 1 Seeing the Light

Light&dark disco 1

The start of the new term provides the perfect opportunity to begin a new topic in class. As part of the International Primary Curriculum, topics begin with an ‘entry point’ and a ‘knowledge harvest’.  Ms Jess explains more about this process here:

Year 1 Seeing the Light

Community Service Term 2 Hummingbird Award Winners


Community service is such an integral part of life at BIS.  In Term 2, we had so many of our year group projects taking place, not to mention the clubs across all three campuses. In this post, Ms Samantha, one of our community reps, announces the winners of the ‘Hummingbird Award’, given to children who show a real understanding of what we are aiming to achieve.

Hummingbird award winners

Managing our Traffic Together

Just prior to the holiday, I was contacted by a member of our local community asking about what was being done about the traffic situation in Thao Dien.  I met with the gentleman in question and showed him the procedures we have in place and how the school has invested in measures to help ensure the traffic keeps flowing, for example, creating the car park next to the Early Years and Infant Campus.

He was impressed with all that we have done.  Thank you to everyone who has worked with their drivers to ensure that the code of conduct is followed.  Unfortunately, there are still some drivers who insist on double parking near school and doing U-turns close to the drop-off area.  Please speak to your drivers to remind them of what is expected. 

Thank you – together we can make a difference.

Drivers Code of Conduct

For more information about how we can work together to improve traffic around our campuses, please access this post.

Be Involved...

Join our BIS Baby and Toddler Group


Children can start at BIS when they are 2 years old. Fundinotots is the ‘BIS Baby and Toddler Group’ where parents of children aged 0 to 36 months can meet other parents and allow their children to engage in a range of activities. Fundinotots is based on the new Early Years and Infant Campus.

To find out more about fundinotots at BIS HCMC, please click here.

BIS Community Choir (for parents and staff)

BIS Community Choir

Following a successful term with wonderful performances, we are looking forward to a new term and would welcome new members to come and join the chorus.  Rehearsals are on Thursday 7.00-7.45am (Secondary Auditorium) and Friday 1.15-2.15pm (Junior Music Room), so please come along to the one that is most convenient for you.

If interested please e-mail Mrs Frances Amos frances.amos@bisvietnam.com or visit https://sites.google.com/bisvietnam.net/communitychoir/home for more information.

PTG Update


I want to thank the PTG for all the hard work they do that helps make the BIS Community what it is.  The current committee have done a terrific job this year, but we do need volunteers to step into their roles.  There are more details in the PTG Update, but if you think you could help out next year, please do speak to one of the existing committee members or let Ms Dee or me know.

To read more this week from the PTG, including details of what to do if you would like to get more involved, please click the link below:

Primary PTG Update: 10/05/19

Dates for your Diary...

13/5/19 – 17/5/19 – Assessment Week

23/5/19 – Junior Campus Production – ‘Mulan’

3/6/19 – 7/6/19 – Open House Swimming Lessons (for F3 to Y2)

3/6/19 – 7/6/19 – F1 and F2 Class Celebrations

4/6/19 – Year 1 and Year 2 Music Concert

5/6/19 – Headteachers’ Coffee Morning

8/6/19 – BIS Aquathlon

11/6/19 – Junior Campus Music Concert

14/6/19 – F3 Summer Show

14/6/19 – Vietnamese Lessons Finish

16/6/19 – Term 3 Co-Curricular Activities (clubs) Finish

17/6/19 & 18/6/19 – Year 2 Visits to the Ao Dai Museum

20/6/19 – PTG Disco

21/6/19 – Digital Down Day

21/6/19 – End of Year Reports Emailed to Parents

24/6/19 – Open Afternoon

28/6/19 – Term 3 Ends @ 11.50am


Before and after school waiting area

When waiting to drop off and collect the children at the EY&I we ask for all parents, carers and children to wait on the ground floor only.  We are in the process of installing extra seating in the shaded areas to increase the seating areas for our community at these times.  This rule is in place to ensure lessons and clubs that are running at these times are not disturbed and all children in the building are kept safe.  People sitting around the lower ground floor outside the canteen and along the corridors will be asked to move to the ground floor by our teaching staff.  Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our campus safe.

Online Safety

Keeping safe is priority for us all.  Even when we believe our youngest children are safe, they may well not be if the parental controls and recommended filters have not been installed or applied.  When children search online and watch content using sites such as, ‘youtube’ it is important to have all the safety nets in place.  We advise parents to install content filters and apply parental controls on all devices that our young children have access to.  If you would like any support on this, please contact Ms Mary and I will put you in touch with our ICT teachers to help.

End of Day Procedures

We would like to remind all parents that school identification badges must be shown and worn at all times when on any of our three campuses (including weekend and evening events).  If not, you will be asked for some form of identity and be required to wear a visitor’s badge.  

If you are collecting a child without the child’s ID card, you will need to visit Reception for a ‘Permission to leave slip’ before collecting your child from the classroom and exiting the campus together.  Please note, once your child has been handed over to you at pick up time (both after school and after clubs), the responsibility of your child has also been handed over to you.

We thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students and school site safe and secure.

Stay Vigilant

As in all major cities petty crime does occur, as a reminder to all of us please always take care of your personal belongings, especially when walking between campuses and across roads.

Safeguarding at school – it’s everyone’s responsibility

Personal Photographs

It is every parent’s wish to capture memorable moments on camera of their child at school either performing in an assembly, on their birthday or simply playing with their friends on the playground before the start of the school day.  Any photos that are taken by parents on personal devices must be kept private.  They must not be shared publicly on social media or between non-family members such as, other parents in the school.  By following these guidelines, we ensure our BIS safeguarding policy is adhered to and that our children are kept safe. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

BIS CPO poster_2018_Dec2018-1

If, during your visit to school, you have any reason to be concerned about the safety of a young person, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Leader.

Thank you,

Ms Mary

And Finally…

A focus for this week’s update has been keeping children safe.  Another aspect of this is practising our ‘lockdown’ procedure.  Although highly unlikely, a situation could arise where we need to secure our building but not evacuate the children.  This could be due to extreme weather or a possible intruder on the school site.  On Wednesday, I spoke the words, ‘Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown’, over the tannoy system.  The response of the children was fantastic.  Immediately, doors were locked, lights switched off, blinds drawn and anyone outside headed into one of the designated ‘safe havens’. You may want to ask your children about this – I am sure they would be very happy to share their experience.

Good luck to all those children taking part in the ISHCMC swim meet or the staff, parents and children involved in the Danang Ironman event.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable weekend,

Ian Battersby, Head of the Early Years and Infant Campus