09 September, 2023

Impressive IGCSE Results for Regents International School Pattaya 2022-23

Impressive IGCSE Results for Regents International School Pattaya 2022-23

Once again, our students are celebrating after receiving their long-awaited IGCSE results. Our students’ incredible achievements have generated a buzz and cheering all across our school community as we celebrate their successes together.


This year we have seen 45% of the students gaining the top A*-A (9-7) grades, 90% of students achieving A*-C (9-4) grades and 25% gaining IGCSEs with 7 or more grades at A*-A (9-7), an outstanding accomplishment. 



Ms Amos Turner-Wardell, School Principal at Regents International School said:
Today is a day to celebrate and I am extremely proud of our students and the incredible successes they have achieved in their IGCSE results. Throughout the last two years our students have shown proof of resilience, hard work and dedication and once again accomplished exceptional results with support from our teachers. Congratulations to all our students and to our teachers for this outstanding achievement.”

The highest achievers all attained 100% of grades at A*/A or 7-9.  Depending on their subject combinations, they were all studying between 9 and 11 IGCSEs. 

·      Sungwon Park

·      Anjali Sharma

·      Wooseob Ahn

·      Buth Khuptanon

·      Benjaporn Chawandit

·      Jiaxin He



We are incredibly proud of these results from our IGCSE cohort of 2023. They started their IGCSE journey under the cloud of COVID, but were a year group with real drive, a sense of purpose and support for each other. We can’t wait to see what they all go on to do now they are in Year 12.” said Mrs Tamara McKenna, Head of Secondary at Regents.


With the continued success in IGCSE results, Regents retains its unrivalled reputation as one of the most established international schools on the Eastern seaboard, with a long history of academic excellence. It is testament to Regents high academic standards, excellent teaching and the hard work and dedication of students.
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