Through active participation in the arts, students are guided to become well-rounded global citizens. Just as they are confident in academic pursuits, they are empowered to develop a deep appreciation of the arts. We see the potential in every student as an artist and promote artistic modes of thinking through our engaging programs in dance, music, theatre arts, and the visual arts. The arts are taught by a committed and inspiring faculty, who nurture talent, values the learning process of an arts student and provides exceptional opportunities for artistic expression. 

Fine Arts

Cypress Center
Learn more about our Cypress Center for the Arts, including rental information.
WPS Juilliard Dance
The Dance Program offers fundamental, intermediate, and advanced levels of dance.
Many studies have shown that music education helps students to perform better academically. Embracing that belief, music classes are an important part of our curriculum at all levels.
Theatre Arts at Windermere Preparatory School is a place where collaboration with artists, students, parents, and faculty drives the success of a close-knit artistic community.
Visual Arts
The visual arts curriculum at Windermere Preparatory School is designed to bring each student the confidence and desire to create.