Outstanding Experiences

Beyond the doors of Orlando, students get a tangible view of world-class experiences.


At Windermere Prep, we don’t just know your child for their scores. Our teachers care about your child personally, developing exciting experiences that holistically grow their interests and aspirations with their activities.

Our teachers find what motivates your child so they can achieve more than they ever imagined possible. Through continuous challenges and commitment, our students strengthen their creativity and resilience, whether they’re on a trip, in dance class, swimming, or participating in world language society.


As part of the premier Nord Anglia global education network, we learn from the very best research and talent at Windermere Prep. Thanks to our collaborations with top institutions of creativity, science, and social impact, your child has unparalleled opportunities to grow their skills and knowledge with the best.

The Juilliard School
Our collaboration with the world’s most renowned arts institution enriches our students’ love for dance, drama and music.
The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM program helps our students to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills by tackling interdisciplinary challenges facing the world today.
Students are challenged to make a difference locally and globally by tackling the Sustainable Development Goals.


Sports and athletics are unmatched at Windermere Prep. Our students execute as a team, develop time management skills, and foster camaraderie.
Athletics and Team Sports 
We host a variety of team sports and individual athletics, including golf, basketball, baseball and softball, football, soccer, cross-country and track, swimming and diving, tennis, weightlifting, volleyball (beach and indoor), and lacrosse.
On-Campus Partnerships
Windermere Prep student athletes can benefit from our partnerships with Laker Aquatics and Orlando Tennis Academy right on campus.
On-Campus Partnerships
Laker Aquatics 
Laker Aquatics prepares elite swimmers to compete nationally while building a lifelong love for the sport. Every swimmer meets their highest potential through an exemplary work ethic; discipline in thoughts, attitudes, and actions; unwavering support of their team; and strong character development that extends to life beyond the pool. Laker Swim offers instruction at all ages and levels, from stroke instruction for entry-level swimmers to highly advanced instruction athletes preparing for Olympic Trials.
Orlando Tennis Academy
Orlando Tennis Academy provides players with the ideal environment to improve their tennis skills with professional coaching while also gaining an exceptional education. We work with all our players on their tournament planning, training schedule, and academic work/life balance so they can achieve their maximum potential.
Off-Campus Partnerships
MMG Golf Academy, Orlando Area Rowing Society (OARS), and IdeaSport Soccer Academy are excellent WPS partners, who give our students ideal off-campus training and facilities.
Off-Campus Partnerships
MMG Golf Academy
Specifically designed to help students who want to play college golf in the US, MMG Golf Academy is a world-leading high-performance program for junior golfers to train like the best players in the world. We educate students on the values and philosophies that build and sustain high performance, and we support them in developing the training and lifestyle habits that lead to growth and success in the game.

Orlando Area Rowing Society (OARS)
Rowing is one of the world’s most enduringly popular amateur sports. And it’s available to people of nearly all ages and abilities here in Central Florida. Rowing is a lifetime sport: a festival of exertion and exercise, variable in intensity, but rewarding at any level. Rowing offers the special bond of team sports alongside the deepest of individual challenges. Tenacity, discipline, camaraderie, self- discovery, resilience — these benefits and more await rowers who want to learn and excel with OARS.

IdeaSport Soccer Academy
IdeaSport is a diversified sports company operating out of ESPN Wide World of Sports in Kissimmee, Florida. We provide soccer training adapted to the ages and levels of our players. Our training program is focused on four main content groups of professional soccer training: Tactical cognitive, Technical coordinative, Physical-conditional, and Psychological-mental.


The performing and visual arts flourish at Windermere Prep and are especially enhanced by our world-class collaboration with Juilliard. WPS students inspire each other to new heights of artistry as they explore, imagine, and dream big together. 
Lower and Middle School students may learn ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, and musical theatre. High School students can focus on ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop, composition, body alignment, and stretch. All grow as dancers, performers, and individuals our encouraging environment.
WPS students have access to a wide world of music. From Kindergarten, they can explore jazz, opera, multicultural music, orchestral instruments, and recorder playing in their classes. They can take weekly private lessons in piano and get involved in one of our many student music groups.
In our state-of-the-art performance space, the Cypress Center for the Arts, our theatre students thrive with many opportunities in the theatrical world. We create outstanding productions and collaborate with artists, students, parents, and faculty.
Visual Arts
Self-expression takes many forms at Windermere Prep: drawing, painting, pottery, sculpting, and more. WPS students work with images, designs, and words, expressing themselves across media and techniques.

STEAM Education

Our innovative, interdisciplinary approach to learning science and technology will inspire your child to create and build through hands-on, cross-functional activities and challenges.


Our students participate in a variety of excursions and outdoors field trips throughout the school year, designed to connect their lessons in the classroom to the world beyond. These memorable experiences enable our students to develop long-lasting friendships while exploring fascinating places around Central Florida, the US, and internationally.
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Lower School Field Trips
From Kennedy Space Center to Walt Disney World, our Lower School students visit exciting Central Florida destinations where they expand their understanding of the world by connecting their learning goals to examples they can see and experience.
Lower School Field Trips

Past field trips have been to

  • Disney’s EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom
  • Orlando Shakes Theater, Mystery Dinner Theater, and Mad Science Show
  • Southern Hills Farm, SeaWorld, Central Florida Zoo, and Brevard Zoo
  • Fravel Brewer Orthodontics Office
  • Orlando Science Center
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • St. Augustine
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Middle School Adventures
Our middle schoolers visit local sites that enhance the curriculum and also go on annual, eye-opening “Laker Adventures,” traveling to Florida and US national destinations. These thrilling trips allow our students to create fun memories while experiencing WPS traditions that last a lifetime.
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Middle School Adventures

The Laker Adventures include the following:

  • 6th Grade’s “Spirit of Unitas” Trip: In recognition of the unified spirit of WPS, our 6th graders embark on an incredible two-night retreat to the Pathfinder Program in Fruitland Park, where they’re challenged to develop positive and effective communities with their classmates. This retreat encourages our students to act, reflect, and transfer their learning in the outdoors. 
  • 7th Grade’s “Discover Florida” Trip: Our 7th graders explore Florida’s natural, marine environments and learn about conservation via this three-night trip to the Florida Keys. Students learn about the complex and fragile habitats in Florida while applying their critical thinking and decision-making skills about the use of natural resources. 
  • 8th Grade’s “Go West” Trip: Our 8th graders experience the flavor, people, and history of the Great American West in a weeklong trip. Touring the Grand Canyon instills a sense of awe and respect for America’s natural beauty while bringing the Social Studies and Science curriculum to life. We additionally travel to Native American reservations, Arizona landmarks, and the Colorado River. 

In addition to these Laker Adventures, our middle schoolers travel to a variety of local sites throughout the year, where they can learn about the environment, complete community service, learn about physics, or make cultural connections, among other activities.

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The Tanzania Seeway Expedition (High School)
While our high schoolers have many opportunities to participate in academically focused field trips, one of our most special trips is to Tanzania. This life-changing experience gives our students the tools to make a lasting impact in the local communities around Maji ya Chai in the Arusha region of Tanzania.
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The Tanzania Seeway Expedition (High School)
The Tanzania Seeway Expedition is open to all Nord Anglia high school students aged 13 up and consists of eight days traveling around the Arusha region of Tanzania. Our students participate in a highly rewarding program of community service, while also learning about sustainable development and exploring the diverse flora and fauna of Tarangire National Park.

Working with fellow Nord Anglia peers from around the world, this experience will broaden their horizons and open their eyes to the cultures and people around them, as they build lifelong friendships and memories. This fantastic opportunity allows your child to grow personally and emotionally. The program activities support key skills like confidence, resilience, independence, and leadership.


From Lower School onward, we support our students’ social and emotional development at Windermere Prep because we know their well-being enables their success. 

We begin by teaching mindfulness practices, building it into our classroom routine to encourage self-awareness and presence. This feeds into our students’ self-regulation, focus, and conflict resolution skills, as they connect with others.

We have several other holistic resources for student wellness, including the HOSA Club, age-level appropriate counselors, and athletics classes. The HOSA Club provides student health education and awareness to the entire WPS community, while our counselors directly work with any student experiencing personal challenges, targeting specific strategies to help.


At Windermere Prep, our students have a voice in their community, build their social awareness, and exercise their leadership skills. The WPS Student Government Association addresses school-related issues affecting the whole student body and manages a wide range of events, activities, and programs around our school. Other groups, like our National Honor Societies and student-led non-profits, also create opportunities to engage in service or to tackle social awareness around initiatives they care about.

Service is in our curriculum from Middle School onward. In High School, before applying to college, our IB and Entrepreneurship Studies Programs especially prepare our oldest students to commit to social activities that improve the lives of others.
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The learning never stops at Windermere Prep! In the summer, we offer a variety of day camp and half-day mini camps to keep our students’ love of learning active. We also offer high school summer courses and Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard faculty for middle and high school students. Discover our summer offerings — designed to meet the needs, interests, and academic goals of all WPS students.


Our campus is a thoroughly enriching environment with beautiful surroundings. Within our encouraging spaces, WPS students strive for all their aspirations.