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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Windermere Prep located?
    Windermere Preparatory School is on a beautiful 48-acre campus, located southwest of Orlando in the town of Windermere of Central Florida. The campus features abundant green space and water elements and houses students and teachers comfortably in well-appointed classrooms across the three academic divisions (Lower, Middle, and High School).

    State-of-the-art athletic facilities are designed to engage students in healthy physical activity, all year-round. Our Cypress Center is a state-of-the-art visual and performing arts center allowing our students to inspire, imagine, and create in drama, voice, dance, and the visual arts.
  • Does Windermere Prep have a STEM program?
    Yes, Windermere Prep has a STEM program that utilizes the STEAM model of incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM).
  • Why is the STEM program such an important part of your curriculum?
    Our STEAM program at Windermere Prep gives students those tools to tackle real-world challenges and develop transferable skills like flexibility, creativity, and communication. Additionally, our world-class collaboration with MIT fosters our students’ critical thinking skills and teaches students how to effectively work together.
  • When do students begin work with a College Advisor?
    Our College Advisors help our students find a university that’s the best personal fit for their goals, interests, and needs.

    Beginning in their freshman year of high school, our students work with their College Advisor to create a comprehensive, individualized program to first identify and then apply to colleges and universities that match their aspirations.

    Learn more about our high school guidance and college planning.
  • Does Windermere Prep have a strong athletics program?
    Yes, Windermere Prep has many athletics and sports programs, competing in over 20 sports at multiple levels. 

    In addition, we take a holistic approach to wellness and give our students the tools and knowledge that they need to make healthy personal choices.
  • Does Windermere Prep have athletic facilities?
    Yes, our state-of-the-art athletic facilities allow our athletes to discover their passions and train year-round. Plus, we have a full-time strength and conditioning coach that works with our athletes every day.
  • Does Windermere Prep have a Fine Arts program?
    Yes, Windermere Prep has an award-winning Fine Arts program.

    In collaboration with the renowned Juilliard School, our performing arts curriculum sparks creativity and develops confidence in our students — setting them up for success in college and life beyond.
  • Does Windermere Prep have a program for serious artists?
    Yes, through our Performing Arts Academy, career-minded artists can develop the dispositions and skills they need to achieve their goals beyond Windermere Prep by focusing on artistic excellence, collaboration, venture artistry, and creative audience engagement.