The 48-acre Windermere Prep campus has facilities customized to the learning goals of all our grades, student research and study needs, and their participation in sports, athletics, performing and visual arts, and service opportunities.

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94% of Windermere Prep families say they’re happy with our classrooms because they’re seamless in their technology and students can flow thoughtfully from one activity to the next — just as they flow from one idea to the next. When we say our campus is well-designed, we mean that every space serves a purpose and is ready to support your child to perform at their best.
We’re proud that our facilities include:
  • A 535-seat theatre with a 55-foot-wide stage, known as The Cypress Center for the Arts.
  • 330,000 square feet of state-of-the-art athletic facilities, home to the Tennis Academy and Swim Academy on campus.
  • Our nationally recognized and award-winning Sports Performance Center with excellent amenities.
  • Transformed townhouses for residential life students.
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The state-of-the-art Cypress Center for the Arts at Windermere Prep hosts over a hundred events throughout the year, allowing our students to inspire, imagine, and create across drama, voice, dance, and the visual arts. 

It’s home to the impressive Dr. Thomas L. Marcy Theatre, where our world-class performing arts curriculum in collaboration with The Juilliard School is flourishing daily. We’re proud that 90% of WPS families are happy with our performing arts facilities, encouraging our students to pursue all their creative talents.
The Cypress Center features:
  • 535 seats in the audience and a 300-seat flexible area with retractable seating that can be used to create a large open space for gatherings at the Dr. Thomas L. Marcy Theatre.
  • A large, 55-foot-wide theatre stage that stands 20 feet tall with an overall stage depth of 30 feet — ready to support all kinds of solo and group performances and theatrical productions.
  • An advanced, integrated technology system, which includes a high-quality audio system (with over 20 channels of wireless microphones), a motorized fly system for moving parts, and a full-color LED lighting system with intelligent moving lights.
  • An off-stage scene shop for quick load-ins, built for efficient, fantastical scene changes.
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Our 330,000 square feet of facilities devoted to sports and athletics allow our students to engage in healthy physical activity year-round. In these facilities, they develop their responsibility and teamwork — important qualities they’ll carry for life.
The facilities include:
  • An indoor gymnasium and a sports performance center with a weight-room.
  • A multifunctional soccer, football, and lacrosse field with a surrounding track.
  • An aquatic center with a large swimming pool.
  • Tennis courts and sand volleyball courts.
  • Baseball and softball fields.
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Our dorms are converted townhomes just minutes away from campus. Each includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms, providing students with the comfort and feel of a real home while also experiencing the camaraderie of traditional dorm life. 

Because of the closeness of campus and dorm parents in the residential life program, students have easy access to academic support, flexibility to participate in extracurricular activities, and many opportunities to develop long-lasting friendships. Additionally, they’re within close walking proximity to a variety of lifestyle options like restaurants, retail shops, and a supermarket.
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Speak to our Admissions Team about what makes Windermere Preparatory School unique or arrange a visit to our campus to experience our school first-hand.

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