Homeroom Mentoring Program

All students are assigned to a homeroom teacher, who also serves as a mentor. This relationship is for the students and for the parents. Homeroom teachers are the go-to contact on campus for each student and the home base or point person for the family. In addition to distributing important materials via the Windermere Preparatory School communication folder, homeroom teachers also update students with announcements and dates for their calendars. Finally, homeroom teachers meet with their students regularly, serving as mentors and coaches, guiding students through their middle school years.

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

We welcome parent involvement as an important part of the trio of student, parent, and faculty that leads to positive learning. We schedule three parent conferences for all families: one in the fall as a pre-assessment and goal-setting meeting; the second at the start of the second semester to review the e-portfolio; and the final in the spring to reflect on progress, summer assignments, and next year’s plans.

Measurement of Student Growth

In addition to ongoing assessments in the class via quizzes, tests, and daily assignments, student growth is measured via: