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May 06, 2021

A Note from our SGA President

A Note from our SGA President A note from our newly appointed Executive Board President, Grace Anderson for the 2021 - 2022 school year

Dear WPS High School Community,     

My name is Grace Anderson and I’m super excited to be the Executive Board President for this upcoming school year. I came to Windermere Prep in 6th grade, and ever since then I’ve been a member of SGA. In 10th grade, I was Class President, and just this past year I was the Director of Philanthropy on the Executive Board so I feel that my experience here at Windermere Prep makes me incredibly qualified to lead my High School peers. I’ve had many opportunities to lead, on the basketball team and in the praise band at my church, but this position is one I’ve looked forward to for a long time because it allows me to grow as a leader. 

School is incredibly important to me, specifically the Windermere Prep student body and community. I love our inclusivity and passion for learning here on campus. I want to take this passion directed towards academics and try to extend it beyond the classroom, to High School events, clubs, and community service. I’m incredibly passionate about unity, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to unite not only my peers, but administrators and teachers. 


SGA has the power to initiate change at our school and I think strategically working this platform, we can do just that. This year, I want to focus on innovation, gratitude, and relationships. Every time I see my grandfather he asks me, “What have you done to be famous today? What changes are you creating at your school?” and while I get annoyed at these questions... he does have a point. As President, I want to focus on giving SGA a strong presence on and off campus. I’m excited to work together to build positive relationships with the teachers, students and our local community. Moving SGA forward requires innovative ideas and platforms and I look forward to embracing these! I’m SUPER excited for next year :) 


Thanks for the support! 
Grace Anderson