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June 23, 2021

Tips to Avoid the “Summer Slide”

Tips to Avoid the “Summer Slide”  Ways to keep your active over the summer

This past school year has been challenging for all; students, parents, and teachers.  As we start the summer, families want to catch their breath and enjoy time with one another again. But as we approach July, parents must not forget about the “summer slide” that can happen to students.

The “summer slide” is a decline in reading ability and other academic skills that can occur over the summer months when school is not in session. Not all students are affected by this but a large percentage are. It is the responsibility of parents to encourage reading and academics, even during the summer. 

7 Tips to Keep the “Summer Slide” Away


  • Relax and read a book together. Create a daily ritual of reading together. This time allows you to relax and bond with your child. 

  • Encourage them to read daily. Visit book stores or libraries or even create a book swap with friends to allow them to always have a new book handy to read. It can be magazines, newspapers, or anything that engages them and gets them to read. 

  • Ask questions about the story and characters. Get your child's opinion of the book, who their favorite character was, and would they recommend it to friends?

  • The daily schedule of times to read and time for play so it is a balance of fun and learning over the summer. 

  • Imagination is key to a child’s future. Reading helps us utilize our imagination by letting the words describe a certain image while the reader manipulates the picture in the mind. This practice strengthens the mind as it acts like a muscle.

  • New words and phrases. Reading provides students an opportunity to learn words, spelling, and how sentences should be structured.

  • Go to the library or bookstore! Let your child pick out their next book so they are excited about their next reading adventure.

Reading is the key to knowledge! Don’t let the “summer slide” set your child up for failure in the fall. Keep a book handy to allow them to read