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February 23, 2022

Kids Heart Challenge Breaks Record

Kids Heart Challenge Breaks Record IMG_2107

Windermere Preparatory Lower School has been a participant in the Kids Heart Challenge since the school began in 2000. Kids Heart Challenge is part of the elementary school curriculum in which students learn about heart health, all the while, raising funds to protect all hearts – especially other kids’! Through fun activities, students discover ways to take care of our hearts and brains while practicing kindness, gratitude and learning ways to de-stress. 

As WPS approached it's 21st year with the American Heart Association's "Kids Heart Challange" the goal for fundraising was set at $20,000. More than 200 students registered and raised funds, while all lower school students participated and learned about heart health and brain health in P.E. classes. 

The Windermere Prep community raised a school record of $37,176.80 for the American Heart Association. The organizers of the event, Coach Cori Hock, Coach Sharrod Williams, and Coach Jonathan Griffiths were thrilled to lead and involve all lower school students in this event. Windermere Preparatory School is proud to be a "Top 25" American Heart Association school. 

Celebration Day was the culmination of fundraising efforts whereby the entire lower school enjoyed a fun-filled day at our event finale. For more photos and videos of the celebration event, please view them on our lower school P.E. twitter page and WPS' Instagram page.

Below are the top 6 fundraisers (all raising $1000+):

Samantha Beears - 5th grade Jackson

Kira Bolding - 3rd grade Robinson

Cooper McNinch - 3rd grade Robinson

Ella Ramphal - 4th Wilkinson

Tabish Tharoo - 3rd Griffiths

Sebastian Velilla - 1st Matthews

For more information about all of the statistics of Windermere Preparatory School's fundraising efforts, please visit this webpage.