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March 08, 2022

WPS Alum Aaron Jarvis sets eyes on The Masters Tournament

Aaron Jarvis HQ
WPS Alum Aaron Jarvis sets eyes on The Masters Tournament

We recently sat down for a Zoom interview with Aaron Jaris, WPS '21 Alum. He was so excited that we thought so highly of his achievements even though he was no longer a student at Windermere Preparatory School. In speaking with him, he had some very wise words for those who are attending college, interested in sports at the collegiate level, and how WPS prepared him to be where he is today. 

"Being at UNLV is awesome. It's not really a college town but a really big city," explains Jarvis. He goes on to say "I've done some of the tourist activities and things, but I really stay focused on my golf game." 

When asked about his experience in Florida versus his experience in Nevada, he states "The weather here is great for my golf game because it's dry and hot. It's so different from the courses near Winderemere Prep in Florida. I think my time in Florida made me adjust to varying weather a bit better."

According to, statistics show that less than 2% of NCAA athletes actually move on to professional sports. With that in mind, we asked, what have motivated and kept you going to reach these levels? Jarvis chuckles and says "My determination keeps me going. I know that I focus on my current game and have always dreamed of playing in the Latin American Amateur Championship. This tournament didn't intimidate me because this is what I've been training for. To see it come to light and be able to experience it is a dream come true. Now it's my job to go out and win." He goes on to explain "While playing at this tournament is a dream, I do have my sights set on bigger tournaments like The Masters Tournament."

Winderemere Preparatory School is certainly proud of Jarvis' accomplishments. Administrators and teachers can identify many of the International Baccalaureate (IB) traits that have supported Jarvis' success. "He is a risk-taker, principled, and balanced," says a former teacher. "All of these qualities he has not only on the green, but in the classroom, and in every day life. Because he has been through so much adversity during the pandemic, he's come out stronger and more determined to get through it." Jarvis adds "The environment at WPS during the pandemic really helped me get through such a tough time. School kind of felt like a safe bubble, when my golf experience was more effected by the pandemic. But I wouldn't have changed anything except to go to Windermere Prep sooner. I think I would have made more friends and had more of an opportunity to really exemplify the IB traits."

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