May 12, 2023

Expeditions - The Americas

Expeditions - The Americas

Unveiling Expeditions: The Americas

Windermere Preparatory School believes that education goes beyond the confines of the classroom and endeavors in outstanding student experiences. That's why we're excited to introduce a new initiative called Expeditions: The Americas. This program aims to foster collaboration among NAE schools throughout the Americas, providing students with unique opportunities to explore and learn from each school's distinct offerings aligned with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Expeditions will create a series of extended collaboration programs through continued partnership of student and faculty between Nord Anglia Schools located in the Americas region.

By collaborating with other NAE schools, we aim to create an immersive learning experience that allows students to take advantage of the unique aspects of each school and its local environment. These outstanding experiences will provide a platform for students to engage with diverse cultures, broaden their perspectives, and develop a global mindset.

A Vision for Growth

As we move forward, our aspiration is to witness significant growth in student and faculty collaborations, paving the way for the development of extended partnership programs between NAE schools. With Expeditions: The Americas, we aim to revolutionize the learning experience, providing students with unforgettable opportunities to collaborate with peers across the region. By embracing this vision for growth, we can nurture the talents and passions of our students while creating lifelong connections within the NAE family of schools. Let us embark on this incredible journey together and empower the next generation of global citizens.

Documenting the Expedition

To inspire and encourage others to embrace the concept of collaboration and experiential learning, we have produced a documentary of this experience. The first episode, "Costa Rica," will showcase the invaluable lessons learned through collaboration between our students and those at Country Day School in Costa Rica and the sustainable eco lodge at Rancho Margot. Travel with us as we capture the essence of the synergistic spirit, highlighting the transformative power of joint initiatives. Moreover, the process of creating the documentaries will offer students an opportunity to refine their research and communication skills as they develop scripts and provide voiceovers.

The Power of Collaboration

Expeditions: The Americas is more than just a partnership program; it represents a transformative approach to education. By fostering collaboration across all Nord Anglia Schools in the  Americas, we empower students to become active learners in situ, encouraging them to venture beyond their comfort zones and embrace new challenges. Through shared experiences and cultural exchanges, students will develop an appreciation for diversity, empathy for others, and a broader understanding of the world around them. These lifelong skills and global perspectives will undoubtedly shape their future success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Expedition Students: Azat Baigabatov, Reilly Hollern, Zara Lwin, Suvir Talamas, Saabyr Beyg, Sydney Heitkamp.

Expedition Instructors: Dr. Marietta Wright, Ashley Hollern, Bill Miller