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Many studies have shown that music education helps students perform better academically. Embracing that belief, music classes are an important part of our curriculum at all levels.

The curriculum includes major composers like Beethoven and Bach, the study of various genres of music such as jazz and opera, multicultural music, orchestral instrument recognition, and recorder playing.

Beginning in Pre-K, students begin to learn the language of music with the introduction and study of notes and rests and other musical symbols.


Individual Opportunities

In addition to our music courses, students may enroll in weekly private piano lessons starting in Kindergarten. Other opportunities include Nord Anglia Music Festivals and Programs.

Concert Band
In Concert Band, students explore music for creative expression. We get beyond the notes and rhythms to understand music's language. The Concert Band performs at school assemblies, winter and spring concerts, and the Music USA Festival at Universal Orlando. Participation in middle school Concert Band is a prerequisite for Wind Ensemble. The Concert Band performs primarily grade 1.5-2.5 literature. 

Wind Ensemble
The school’s very best musicians perform in the Wind Ensemble. This band is the premier instrumental ensemble at Windermere Prep where most students have played their instrument for at least four years.  The ensemble participates in Florida Band Association, the Veteran’s Day Celebration, and winter and spring concerts. During the fall and early spring semesters, the Wind Ensemble wears a second hat as the Windermere Preparatory School Pep Band for all home football and basketball games.

Jazz Band
Through an audition process, Middle and High School instrumental musicians have the opportunity to learn, grow, and perform jazz music (Improvisations, Swing, Rock, Latin, Funk, and Blues). They are a musical ambassador for Windermere Preparatory School.  

Lower and Middle School Choirs
Our choirs are designed to prepare students to become vocal stage performers, developing their musical skills to become the complete musician. Studies include posture breathing, tone production, vocal diction, and harmonizing. Participants develop their voices based on classical and modern techniques of solo and group singing, along with incorporation of basic choreography. Additionally, students do various hands-on projects throughout the year. This group participates in both fall and spring concerts as well as other performances throughout the year, such as the Fall Festival.