The drama curriculum enhanced by Juilliard will give your child opportunities to lead, listen to other viewpoints from different communities and cultures, communicate ideas and feelings through an artistic medium, and experience joy through performance.

An Enhanced Curriculum

Through the Juilliard–Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme, our drama curriculum is enhanced with core works from different cultures and periods in history to provide students with grounding in the forms, structures, and elements they might draw on or manipulate when exploring dramatic works.

The human impulse to engage in theatre or drama is a universal one and reaches back to ancient times across continents and cultures. The collective thread that runs through this art form is the desire to speak to and express the human experience.


Drama Skills and Collaborative Practices

Drama Skills and Collaborative Practices is a collection of vibrant and practical resources for teachers and students designed by Juilliard for NAE teachers and students. Organized into three categories — Teacher Sphere, Student Skills, and Professional Practice — these resources create unique access points into the world of drama. Teacher Sphere is filled with resources specifically for the educator, including drama studio essentials and ideas for selecting scene material. Student Skills includes vocal and physical warm-ups for actors, stage make-up tutorials, and rehearsal readiness practices. Professional Practice contains interviews with active performers, directors, and designers in the field. Combined, all the Drama Skills and Collaborative Practices place emphasis on the collaborative nature of theatre, highlighting the range of artistic disciplines involved in creating a dramatic work.


The Core Works

The drama curriculum draws on core works from different categories, cultures, or periods in history to provide students with a grounding in the forms, structures, and elements they might draw on, utilise, and manipulate when exploring and viewing dramatic works.

The works have been carefully chosen based on their iconic quality and teachable moments and to give breadth to your child's learning. Your child will study these works throughout their school career to give them deep engagement with and appreciation of each piece.

Interactive activities encourage students to engage with the works and key concepts while developing connections between the pieces, as well as other subjects.

Core works include:



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