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News image Message from the Associate Principal-Message from the Associate Principal-3 News | School News
Message from the Associate Principal
At the heart of our school, kindness, empathy, and compassion are not just words; they are the essence of who we are. In the tapestry of our school community, they are the vibrant threads that bind us together, creating a resilient fabric of support, understanding, and love.
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News image Spanish Trip-Spanish Trip-Untitled design (11) News | School News
Spanish Trip
From 17th to 25th September, students from Year 10 to 13 set off on an unforgettable Spanish Trip to Cuenca!  Mykalia, from 11C, has shared with us an exciting overview of their trip, highlighting all the incredible experiences they had. 
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News image Year 12 IB German Trip-Year 12 IB German Trip-year12german News | School News
Year 12 IB German Trip
On Wednesday, Year 12 IB German students (HL/SL) opened their classroom doors to find a completely different set up – The Middle East Side Gallery. They were able to walk around an interactive museum, take notes of and learn about major artworks from the Berlin Wall and even got a chance to create their own ‘Graffiti Tag’.
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News image Year 3 Reading Workshop-Year 3 Reading Workshop-Y3READING2 News | School News
Year 3 Reading Workshop
On Tuesday, Year 3 teachers invited parents in for a Reading Workshop. The workshop provided parents with insights into our school's approach to teaching reading and offered practical tips on how they can support their child's reading development at home.
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News image Year 4 Sustainability and Innovation-Year 4 Sustainability and Innovation-Year4SustainabilityandInnovation News | School News
Year 4 Sustainability and Innovation
Year 4 have been studying innovation in their Social Studies lessons. Our overarching theme for Term 1 is sustainability, so we issued an optional homework task that merges the two ideas. 
Students were asked to research someone or something from the UAE that has been designed or campaigned for sustainable change.  
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News image Sustainability with Social Studies and Islam-Sustainability with Social Studies and Islam-SustainabilitywithSocialStudiesandIslam2 News | School News
Sustainability with Social Studies and Islam
Last week, we had a very special visitor come to school to deliver some training for our Social Studies and Islamic teachers. Dr. Haïfa Ben-Romdhane -Environmental engineer, Marine scientist and researcher delivered a very hands on training opportunity whereby colleagues were introduced to the Sustainable Development Goals and Cop 28 vision.
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News image Tias Art Journey-Tias Art Journey-TIA ART1 News | School News
Tia's Art Journey
Meet Tia, a talented artist who's taking the art world by storm!
Last year, Tia conquered her GCSE Art, and now she's flourishing in Year 12. But that's not all - this rising star has been making waves in the international art scene.
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News image FS2 and Year 1 Phonics Workshop-FS2 and Year 1 Phonics Workshop-7 News | School News
FS2 and Year 1 Phonics Workshop
On Friday, the Year 1 and FS2 team invited parents into school for a Phonics Workshop. The aim of the session was to explain and demonstrate how we teach children to read and write using the Read Write Inc. phonics scheme. 
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News image Year 4 Spelling Bee-Year 4 Spelling Bee-5 News | School News
Year 4 Spelling Bee

On Monday, 9th October, the school came alive with excitement for year 4’s very first Spelling Bee, a captivating event hosted by the dynamic Mr. East. Seven eager participants from each class stepped onto the stage.

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News image Year 9 Rich Tasks-Year 9 Rich Tasks-8 News | School News
Secondary Rich Tasks Maths

 The Secondary students in Year 7, 8 and 9 have been investigating some fascinating ideas in maths this week, including opportunities to discover patterns and real world applications of their maths.

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News image Message from the Head of Secondary-Message from the Head of Secondary-MESSAGEFROMHEADOFSECONDARYOCT23 News | School News
Message from the Head of Secondary

Learning is hard

Learning isn’t easy. To go from a state of not knowing something, to knowing it, can be hard. Remembering that piece of knowledge long enough for it to become useful is even harder and piecing together bits of knowledge so that they become understandingwell that’s really hard.

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News image Year 3 Teach Rex Visit-Year 3 Teach Rex Visit-Teachrexyear3 News | School News
Year 3 Teach Rex Visit
Last week, Year 3 were delighted to invite Teach-Rex into BIS Abu Dhabi! Throughout the day, they took part in various interactive activities and workshops. The children left mesmerised by Jam and the other baby dinosaurs!
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News image Year 6 UAE Social Studies-Year 6 UAE Social Studies-2 News | School News
Year 6 UAE Social Studies
During Year 6's UAE social studies lesson this week, Miss Walaa and Miss Rania took the students on an exceptional experience as archaeologists, to search and excavate the ruins of the Magan and Dilmun civilizations.
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News image BISAD Buddies-BISAD Buddies-bisadbuddiesoct23 News | School News
BISAD Buddies

We are thrilled to introduce BISAD BUDDIES, a dynamic Friendship Nurture Group designed exclusively for our Primary students. 


Building Strong Friendships: Fostering healthy friendships is at the heart of BISAD BUDDIES. Our programme is tailored to help students form and maintain positive connections, creating a more vibrant and supportive school environment.

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News image Meet Our School Counsellor Caleb Questel-Meet Our School Counsellor Caleb Questel-meetourschoolcounsellorcaleb23 News | School News
Meet Our School Counsellor Caleb Questel

My name is Caleb Questel. I have relocated from the UK, and I am very excited to take on the role of School Counsellor here at BIS Abu Dhabi. I am an experienced Social Worker with specialist expertise in Learning Disabilities and Mental Health. Within social work, I have always championed the use of psychosocial interventions. I consider these to be a key component of counselling, as a means of bringing meaningful change in the lives of those I work with.

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News image Young Leaders Conference-Young Leaders Conference-YOUNGLEADERSCONFERENCEOCT23 News | School News
Young Leaders Conference
This week, we successfully hosted our 2nd annual Young Leaders Conference which included 187 of our students from Year 7 to Year 13 within our school. The conference placed a significant emphasis on fostering the development of leadership skills among our students. 
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News image Senior School Options Evening-Senior School Options Evening-seniorschooloptionseveningoct23 News | School News
Senior School Options Evening
We would like to invite all our current Year 11 Secondary parents, as well as any parents and students who may wish to join our BIS Abu Dhabi Senior School (Years 12-13/ Sixth Form), to our Senior School Options Evening on Thursday, 26th of October at 5pm.
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News image Message from the Head of Primary-Message from the Head of Primary-messagefromtheheadofprimary5oct23 News | School News
Message from the Head of Primary

It's always a joy to share what's happening at BIS Abu Dhabi, especially during this exciting first term. We have so much to talk about, reflecting the vibrant life of our Primary and Secondary school.

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News image An Author in the Making-An Author in the Making-ANAUTHORINTHEMAKING News | School News
An Author in the Making

We are thrilled to announce Aarav FS1C's remarkable achievement of being one of the winners at The National Young Authors' Fair – UAE, along with the publication of his book 'The Mystical Mind'. 

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News image Meet Our New Head of Arabic-Meet Our New Head of Arabic-meetournewheadofarabic News | School News
Meet Our New Head of Arabic
We are delighted to introduce you to Asem Masharfa, BIS Abu Dhabi’s new Head of Arabic.  Asem joins us with a wealth of experience of leading this core subject and he is excited to continue his professional journey in our school. 
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