21 May, 2024

Nord Anglia Education schools in Hanoi champion inclusivity and the importance of belonging on World Day of Cultural Diversity

On World Day of Cultural Diversity, the richness and complexity of what it is to be human is celebrated globally.

With schools spanning more than 30 countries worldwide, including four in Vietnam, Nord Anglia Education understands the great value of diversity, inclusion and the importance of belonging in a school environment.  

Nord Anglia Education schools are known for their culturally rich environments, where students from all around the globe learn, play and grow together, bringing with them a tapestry of traditions, languages and perspectives. 

With extensive experience in multicultural schools in the United Kingdom and international schools around the world, principal at Nord Anglia Education’s the British International School Hanoi (BIS Hanoi) Richard Vaughan describes an environment that has cultural diversity as a “collective sharing and shaping of hearts and minds”.

“At BIS Hanoi, we’re a community of global citizens learning together. Each day, students, staff and parents connect through the greater learning journey, sharing language, beliefs, values and ways of thinking to give every child a wider perspective on topics and themes,” he said.  

“This creates a much richer and fuller learning experience, maturing everyone’s mindsets, skillsets and heart sets.” 

But as a Nord Anglia Education school, it’s not only the immediate classroom environment that exposes every student to a thriving international learning experience. Being part of a connected global group of schools enriches their understanding of the world, and their sense of belonging in it, too. 

Nord Anglia Education schools in Hanoi champion inclusivity and the importance of belonging on World Day of Cultural Diversity | British International School Hanoi - Nord Anglia Education schools in Hanoi champion inclusivity and the importance of belonging
BIS Hanoi students celebrated their diverse school community at the International Parade.

Paul Holyome, principal at Nord Anglia Education’s second bilingual school in Vietnam, the British Vietnamese International School Hanoi (BVIS Hanoi) said the cultural diversity enables “our community to appreciate and understand differences on a global scale”. 

“Being part of a global schools group helps our students and staff to adapt to diverse environments and see the world from a global perspective. Our students have access to some of the best resources, competitions and collaborations that no other school can provide. This leads our students to develop an open and problem-solving mindset.” he said. 

“These are important attributes in an ever-changing, interconnected world. No one yet knows what the future job market might look like, and being part of a culturally diverse range of schools gives our students access to leading edge programmes and initiatives across the Nord Anglia family, that serves to ensure they are best placed for whatever the future might hold for them.” 

The importance of belonging is particularly significant in an international school environment, where students not only know and value differences among their classmates, but also learn how to nurture similarities.  

“Similarities can help facilitate a sense of common identity and purpose which are essential for a flourishing human existence. Being known and valued for who you are, regardless of language, ethnicity, gender, age, faith or nationality is critical in an international school to ensure an ongoing sense of belonging,” said BIS Hanoi principal, Richard Vaughan.

“Many Nord Anglia Education students will move in and out of different international schools around the world and so being accepted for what they can bring to the community by simply being themselves is important.”

At BVIS Hanoi, principal Paul Holyome describes building a sense of belonging as an “active effort on everyone’s part”.

“The school needs a clear vision and agreed values, so everyone knows what we stand for, and we welcome students from all ages, nationalities and faiths to continue to add cultural diversity to our wonderful community,” said Paul. 

“We also place a great focus on school events that celebrate cultural diversity and bring the community together regularly, and we continually seek feedback to enhance everything that we do in all aspects of school life.” 

Experience how Nord Anglia Education’s British International School Hanoi and British Vietnamese International School Hanoi welcomes new families and nurtures a strong sense of belonging by booking a school tour.