Sensational Win for BIS Barracudas at BIS Swim Meet 2023-Sensational Win for BIS Barracudas at BIS Swim Meet 2023-Sophie
Sophie Roberts
Aquatics Leader/ Primary PE Teacher
10 March, 2023

Sensational Win for BIS Barracudas at BIS Swim Meet 2023

Sensational Win for BIS Barracudas at BIS Swim Meet 2023-Sensational Win for BIS Barracudas at BIS Swim Meet 2023-040323_136A7293_DN (1)

On the 4th and 5th of March 2023, BIS HCMC hosted the BIS Invitational Swimming Gala for the first time in four years. Seven schools participated in the event: BIS, ISHCMC, ABC, EIS, AIS, SSIS and CIS. There were a total of 420 swimmers from the seven different schools ranging from age 6 - 18 years old. Over the two days, there were a total of 30 events, from 25m races all the way up to 400m. 


On Saturday, the competition kicked off with the longest event in the programme; 400m freestyle. BIS had 8 swimmers in this event and we came away with 7 medals. Well done to Florence, Martha, Sao Mai, Will, Insung, Richard and Frank who all achieved medals in this event. 

After session 1, BIS had a total of 35 medals. 


Over the course of the weekend, our very youngest swimmers, only 6 and 7 years old, got the chance to swim their first ever races at a swimming gala. It was an incredible experience for them and they all achieved new record times. They should be very proud of their achievements. 

Saturday afternoon we saw more incredible racing and new personal bests were set. The competition was fierce, with outstanding swimmers coming from all over HCMC. BIS fared well in the relays at the end of session 2, winning 7 out of 10 relays. 

The staff and parent relay was represented well with 4 different teams from a mixture of the schools. AIS came home victorious in this race with an outstanding swim from the 4 parents/ teachers. BIS came a close second with a brilliant first 50 from coach Khoi. 

At the end of session 2 and the first day of the competition BIS had a total of 83 medals.


Sunday was another early start for our swimmers, but it didn't phase them. They all came back energised and excited after a busy first day of swimming. 

The Results

49 medals were won by BIS on Sunday morning, to bring our grand total 132 medals. This is an outstanding achievement for the Barracudas. Each and every swimmer did themselves and BIS proud. 


Many attributes were displayed over the weekend: teamwork, dedication, organisation, commitment and passion. These attributes are what led to BIS winning first place overall in the BIS Invitational 2023. The Barracudas won by over 2000 points, which is an outstanding achievement. 


Our swimmers broke 17 school records, 8 from individual races and 9 from relays - what an incredible performance! 

New School Records

  Age  Event  Name  Time
 1  9-10 Girls  50 backstroke  Kimberly  37.87
9-10 Boys
 50 freestyle  Nathan  31.89
 3  11-12 Girls  400 freestyle Sao Mai  5.03.15
 4  13-14 Boys   400 freestyle  Richard  4.32.10
 5  13-14 Boys   100 breaststroke  Miles   1.11.97
 6  13-14 Boys   100 butterfly  Richard  1.02.32
 7  13-14 Boys   50 breaststroke  Richard  31.42
 8  9-10 Girls  200 Medley Relay  Kimberly, Aoy, Nicole , Bei Bei  2.45.56
 9  11-12 Girls  200 Medley Relay  Isabella, Myla, Sao Mai, Martha  2.30.00
 10  9-10 Boys  200 Medley Relay  Alex, Chao Ying, Nathan, Cosme  2.44.90
 11  13-14 Boys   200 Medley Relay  Miles, David, Richard, Frank  2.02.25
 12  13-14 Boys   200 freestyle  Richard  2.07.01
 13  11-12 Girls  200 freestyle Relay
 Sao Mai, Wing Hei, Martha, Myla  2.09.79
 14  13-14 Girls  200 freestyle Relay  Amber, Florence, Addison , Ingrid  2.07.54
 15  9-10 Boys  200 freestyle Relay  Cosme, Chao Ying, Alex, Nathan  2.23. 08
 16  11-12 Boys  200 freestyle Relay  In Sung, Byung Ha, Will, SiU  2.04.57
 17  13-14 Boys   200 freestyle Relay  Richard, Natan, Hugo, Frank  1.46.84


We also had 18 podium places in the age group overall scores. 

A massive well done to: Jack, Zekai, Jolynn, Anna, Raoul, Nathan, Cosme, Kimberly, Sao Mai, Myla, Will, Siu, Richard, Miles, Hugo, Ingrid, Amber and Quynh An. 

A special mention to Richard, Nathan and Sao Mai for winning gold in all 7 events that they took part in. Your commitment and dedication to the sport has really paid off, well done!


What a successful weekend of swimming! Thank you to all of the staff, parent helpers and supporters that contributed to the success of the meet. Well done BIS!