UNIS Hanoi Invitational Swim Meet 2023-UNIS Hanoi Invitational Swim Meet 2023-Sophie
Sophie Roberts
Aquatics Leader/ Primary PE Teacher
02 November, 2023

BIS Barracuda's success at UNIS Hanoi Invitational Swim Meet 2023

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On the 27th October 2023, 46 members of the BIS Barracudas travelled to Hanoi for the UNIS Invitational Swim Meet. This was the first international swim meet of the year, with a total of 22 teams and 650 swimmers competing from all around Asia. There were teams from Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea competing over the action-packed weekend.  

 UNIS Hanoi Invitational Swim Meet 2023-UNIS Hanoi Invitational Swim Meet 2023

Saturday 28th was the first day of the competition, starting with the 10 and under age group. Our captains Ben and Ingrid took charge of the team, leading a fantastic dry land warm up to prepare the swimmers. 

Despite a delayed start due to the weather, BIS started strong, winning medals in almost every event. Our younger swimmers displayed extraordinary talent all morning to claim many medals and personal best times. A particular highlight was the relays, in which all 4 teams took home gold and silver medals! 

This set BIS off to a great start and the atmosphere after session one was electric. The older swimmers supported the younger swimmers through every race and gave them wise words of advice.  

Session 1 medals:

Gold: Olivia, Bei Bei, Won, Kimberly x 2
Girls 8&U Medley relay, Girls 9-10 medley relay

Silver: Won x 2, Boys 8&U medley relay
Boys 9-10 medley relay

Bronze: Elian, Andrew


In the afternoon, it was the turn of the 11 and over swimmers. The first race was the 100m freestyle in which Martha claimed bronze along with Karl-Robert in the 11-12 age group, Richard won gold and Frank won bronze in the 13-14 age group. A great start for BIS. 

The team spirit and sportsmanship shown throughout the afternoon was admirable, the younger swimmers stayed on poolside all afternoon to watch and cheer on the older swimmers.  

Session 2 medals 

Gold: Quynh An, Miles x2, Richard x 3, Nicole, Kim Ly
Girls 13-14 medley relay, Boys 13-14 medley relay 

Silver: Kim Ly, David
Boys 11-12 medley relay, Boys 15 & over medley relay

Bronze: Martha, Karl-Robert, Frank, Ryan x 2, Amber, Byung Ha, Nathan T, Quynh An
Girls 11-12 medley relay  

On Sunday 29th, all swimmers completed their final events of the meet. 

Session 3 Medals: 

Gold: Won, Kim Ly x 3, Miles x 2, Quynh An, Richard x 2, Olivia, Karl-Robert, Ryan
Girls 8&U Freestyle relay, Girls 9-10 Freestyle Relay, Girls 13-14 Freestyle relay, Boys 13-14 Freestyle Relay

Silver: Olivia, Quynh An x 2, Bei Bei, Nicole, Miles
Boys 8&U Freestyle relay, Boys 9-10 Freestyle relay, Boys 11-12 Freestyle relay

Bronze: Isla, Martha, Frank, Ryan, Andrew, Byung Ha
Girls 11-12 Freestyle relay 

Overall results

At the end of the meet individual and team prizes were awarded to those that achieved the most points during the competition. 

In the 8 and under girls, we achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall. That is the first time BIS HCMC has ever had a 1,2, and 3 on the podium at an external competition. A big well done to Won, Olivia and Isla taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. 

In the 9-10 age group, Kimberly took 3rd overall highest point scorer.  

In the 13-14 girls age group, Kim Ly took first place overall and Richard and Miles took first and second place for the boys. All 3 of these swimmers, along with Frank, swim for the Vietnamese National team so it was an honour to have them with us for the trip, representing BIS HCMC. 

In the 15 and over age group, Quynh An and Ryan took 2nd place highest point scorer for the girls and boys.  

Our 9-10 girls and 13-14 boys, won the highest scoring team out of all 22 teams, an excellent achievement. 


Overall BIS came a close 2nd out of 22 teams. With a team of 46 swimmers, that is an outstanding achievement. Each and every swimmer did themselves and BIS proud, and all students had an extremely fun weekend.


Gold 57
Silver 38
Bronze 25
Total medals 120
Total individual podiums 9
Total team podiums 2
Personal bests 193


Equally, as important to our swimmers as medals and podium places are their personal best (PBs) times in each event. This is due to the dedication and perseverance they dedicate to training several times a week making the 6:00am pool starts worth it. Plus, their competitive spirit on the day! Alongside the commitment, support and encouragement from our skilled swim coaches and of course their parents.



Our 10 and unders came out with 53 PB’s on Saturday morning, our 11 and overs 54 PBs on Saturday afternoon and an amazing 86 PBs for the entire team on the Sunday. In total they smashed it with 193 PBs. 

And this resulted in 22 new BIS HCMC school records, including Kim Ly breaking two 9-year-old records and Richard, Quynh An and Miles breaking their own records!  



"I’m incredibly proud of all of our swimmers. Their hard work, determination and competitive spirit in the pool was outstanding. However even more important was the team spirit, respect and care they showed towards each other, as well as to swimmers from other teams.  This is true sportsmanship. Old friends were reacquainted, new friendships made and most of all the fun, laughter and smiles. Not to mention our swim coaches and phenomenal BIS Barracudas parents who without their coaching and support this would not be possible.  Even coaching volleyball and entertaining our swimmers whilst they waited for their next race!” Ms Sophie Roberts, Head of Aquatics 


This also could not be possible without our fantastic support crew, our BIS Barracudas parents.  We really are very privileged to have such a supportive swimming community both encouraging and getting our swimmers to training and joining us at swim meets such at this.  We really appreciate your enthusiasm, and support.  We thank you all for your positive feedback. 

“Thank you so much coaches for your care and guidance for our children, our parents for your amazing support, and most importantly, our Barracudas for their good sportsmanship and maximum efforts shown throughout the tournament. You guys rock 💕” BIS Barracudas parent 

“Thank you to all! What a wonderful competition my son has had. Thank you for making this possible and creating such a lovely team spirit! ☀️” BIS Barracudas parent 

We look forward to an exciting year ahead for our BIS Barracudas!