Outstanding experiences

OPPORTUNITIES that create futures
Unforgettable experiences inspire our students to achieve more than they ever imagined possible.


At BISB, we offer an extraordinary breadth of one-of-a-kind opportunities, which nurture dynamic thinkers, creators, and global changemakers.

These include world-leading drama and music activities in partnership with The Juilliard School, as well as global expeditions, community projects, and leadership experiences. There are more than 100 co-curricular activities to excel in, too – from football to funk band, Warhammer to world languages.

Whatever your child loves to do, we’ll make sure they’re safe, supported, and included.

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Our exclusive collaborations with The Juilliard School, MIT, and UNICEF enhance our students’ school experience.

The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM programme develops our students’ problem-solving skills through real-world challenges that get them thinking outside the box.
Students are challenged to make a difference both locally and internationally, working together to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The Juilliard School
Our collaboration with the world leader in performing arts nurtures our students’ love of drama and music.
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Competitive and recreational sports, music, performance, languages, and STEAM – our co-curricular activity programme gives every student the chance to shine.
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Physical recreation
In our purpose-built sports facilities, your child will get active, enjoy friendly competitions, and look after their physical and emotional wellbeing.
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Physical recreation

Combining friendly competition with training sessions that hone skills and talents, our recreational sports clubs are open to all, giving every student the chance to get active and do what they love.

Activities include fitness, football, basketball, dance, gymnastics, yoga, Aikido, and more. Playing with friends, your child will grow in confidence and learn how to overcome challenges – vital skills that can be transferred from the sports field to the classroom.

We also run ‘wellbeing toolkit’ sessions, which give our students the knowledge and resources to look after their physical and mental health.

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BISB Wolves
Our BISB Wolves teams represent the school with pride, showcasing our students’ talents, teamwork, and sportsmanship on the national and international stage.
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BISB Wolves

An important part of our co-curricular activities programme, our BISB Wolves teams compete in local, national, and international leagues and tournaments, primarily in football, basketball, and volleyball.

Students learn new skills, finesse existing talents, develop a healthy sense of competition, and learn the importance of sportsmanship. Training weekly – which requires a regular commitment – our students also improve their tactical, teamwork, and technical attributes.

Being a BISB Wolves team member is great fun, too, cultivating a sense of belonging and community. Our students take part in Nord Anglia European Sport Association tournaments, Danube Valley Athletics Conference competitions across Europe, and the Budapest Cup.

Performing Arts
Singing, acting, composing, or playing an instrument: our collaboration with The Juilliard School offers an array of first-class opportunities for students to express their creativity.
Performing arts

At BISB, drama and music enrich our students’ entire experience, and are delivered by specialist teachers in purpose-built spaces.

Through our exclusive collaboration with The Juilliard School, aspiring actors, performers, and musicians learn from expert instructors and artists, following tailored pathways that nurture talents, ignite imaginations, and develop intellectual curiosity.

Our co-curricular activities offer a variety of exciting opportunities, too. Your child can audition for our school production or musical, join our orchestra, or – for our born singers and entertainers – have fun with friends at our stage stars, vocal group, or senior rock band clubs.

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Languages and culture
Our vibrant international community is home to children, families, and staff from more than 60 countries, inspiring our students to develop a lifelong love of languages and culture.
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Languages and culture

Our community is home to rich and diverse cultures, which is why it’s so important for our students to immerse themselves in different languages and global experiences.

Whether learning a new language, improving existing skills, or developing proficiency in their mother tongue, languages build bridges, bring people together, and nurture inter-cultural understanding.

As well as offering a choice of languages in the curriculum, our co-curricular programme will enable your child to broaden their horizons even further. We offer Hungarian for beginners, Spanish conversation, and world languages clubs. And through our Hungarian literary walks group, native speakers explore the sights and works of famous poets and writers.

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Inspiring curiosity through challenge, our co-curricular science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths (STEAM) programme is an innovative way to learn.
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Our STEAM programme will inspire your child to imagine a world of infinite possibilities, encouraging teamwork, communication, and critical thinking.

Tackling reality-based, hands-on challenges set by MIT professors, our students harness the power of interactive technology – including robotics, iPads, and 3D printers – to ‘invent the future’. In doing so, they learn the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

Our specialist enrichment activities include Ritangle – a prestigious international maths challenge for our older students – Lego robotics, and digital media and design. We even offer Warhammer and 3D gaming clubs!

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extraordinary trips AND EXPERIENCES

Your child will experience the world at BISB, exploring new cultures and making a real difference on adventures in Hungary and overseas.
Our visits and trips
Global expeditions
Our children join Nord Anglia students from across the globe on exhilarating expeditions to Tanzania, Switzerland, and New York.
Global expeditions

Our incredible citizenship trip to Arusha, Tanzania teaches students about global responsibility and sustainability, and the important role we play in looking after our planet. Working with locals on a variety of projects, students develop a sense of independence, increase their understanding of the world, and learn the importance of being part of a community.

The personal challenge expedition in Les Martinets, Switzerland, encourages our students to push themselves to their limits. Set in the beautiful Swiss Alps, students hike through the mountains and take on a series of challenges. Students also learn important skills – like cooking and working together under pressure – while creating treasured memories that will stay with them forever.

Every year, a group of BISB students take part in workshops, seminars, and debates at the UN High Level Political Forum and Model UN event in New York, US. Our students collaborate with staff, contribute to committees, and influence world leaders.

Residential trips
From Year 3, your child will go on exciting overnight adventures to residential camps in Hungary and overseas.
Residential trips

Your child will join their teachers and friends on amazing residential trips, where they'll become increasingly independent, expand their knowledge and perspectives, and learn in a practical way.

Our camps are fun, challenging, and packed with adventures, from hiking to water sports. At primary level, our children stay in Hungary, while in secondary, our students head abroad.

Supported by experts, your child will push themselves out of their comfort zone and take age-appropriate risks. This develops their personal character, social abilities, and resilience.

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Local excursions
There’s so much to see and do in our beautiful city, from day trips to galleries and museums to outdoor activities around our hillside campus.
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Local excursions

One of the many highlights of our early years curriculum is our Forest School programme. Introducing our youngest learners to the wonders and curiosities of the natural world, your child will spend time exploring our neighbouring forest, learning to stop, look, think, and appreciate the nature around them.

A world of discoveries awaits on other trips, too, including to a local pony farm and to the Palace of Wonder and Science.

In primary, our students learn about plants, insects, and our impact on the environment at the Botanical Gardens. They also visit Memento Park and discover a world beneath our feet, exploring caves and learning about rock formations.

Our secondary students learn about river environments on our geography fieldwork trips to Pilis Hills and Szentendre, while our visit to Margaret Island gives our art students the opportunity to put their skills into practice. And at the Palace of Wonder and Science, students enjoy spectacular shows and take part in hands-on activities that bring learning to life.

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Your child’s wellbeing is our top priority. We know that secure, supported, and motivated students don’t just perform better – they’re also happier and more resilient. In a recent parent survey, 96% told us that their child feels safe at our school.

Our in-house pastoral care team – which includes counsellors and safeguarding experts – actively keep an eye on each child’s wellbeing and support those in need. All our teachers take part in specialist training with the world-renowned Anna Freud Centre, too, ensuring they have the knowledge to provide the right advice and guidance. The Centre also offers bespoke resources that shape how we care for our children.

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At BISB, your child will use their courage, determination, and skills to change things for the better, getting involved in hands-on community projects and international action.

Our Student Councils and committees lead the way, giving their friends a voice and improving how we function as a community. Initiatives like our peer mentor programme empower our older students to become role models, living and breathing our values in a practical, positive way.

We offer a myriad of social impact co-curricular activities, too. From the Model United Nations to our senior changemakers club – which upskills students to drive environmental change – our students engage with globally significant issues.



There’s so much to see on our thriving campus, which is perfectly located in a stunning natural setting just 20 minutes from Budapest city centre. Book your tour with our friendly admissions team today.

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