Your child will discover the world at BISB, exploring new cultures and making a real difference on life-changing day and residential adventures in Hungary and overseas.
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Our School Field Trips

At BISB, learning takes place both in and outside the classroom. We organise several educational trips that extend and enhance our students’ learning.


Travel, accommodation, and all other expenses involved in trips are rigorously researched to achieve the lowest possible cost. However, the school will never compromise the safety of our students and we'll always aim to guarantee a comfortable standard of accommodation. Other factors that impact on cost include location, the timing of the visit, and the itinerary. Our Health and Safety Officer plays a full part in the process, and will advise on the appropriate student to staff ratio.


For each of our trips, our organisers complete a thorough risk assessment, ensuring that even the most exciting and challenging adventures are safe and secure. They're also required to complete a series of forms designed to ensure the trip is viable, not just based on costs and risk assessments, but also within the specific context of other trips planned for the year.


Educational Day Trips

All our students take part in a variety of field trips with their class and school. Educational visits enhance the children’s understanding of what they learn in lessons, providing a sense of enjoyment and a thirst to learn more. Trips usually take place within normal school hours. Hungary is such a great place because there are so many things to see and do; we could plan a trip for every day of the year!


There is no charge for most day trips.


BISB Residential Trips

These trips are a great way for students to become independent, mix with different children, and amaze themselves by what they can achieve.


Residential trips begin in Year 3. For many children, this is their first experience away from home. Each trip is specifically designed to be age and developmentally appropriate. For example, our younger students go for a shorter amount of time to locations closer to school, while our older students go for longer periods of time a little bit further away. Each residential trip takes place in the last term of school.


We encourage all our children to go as we feel getting away from school is an important and memorable experience for them. However, we understand that overnight stays are not for everybody, and children are able to stay in school if they're not attending a trip. Parents are asked to contribute to the cost of these trips. We'll contact you with more detailed information closer to the time.


We organise several educational trips for secondary students, many of which are a compulsory part of the syllabus. Each department will inform students of these and the expectations arising from them. All our students from Year 7 to Year 13 have the option of taking part in at least one residential trip throughout the year.

Outstanding Experiences

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