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26 June, 2020

Virtual Sports Day

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Virtual Sports Day

Last week BISB ran its first Virtual Sports Day as part of the highly successful Secondary Enrichment Days programme. We offered six challenging and fun activities over a total of 24 sessions during the two days. The well-attended inaugural VSD turned out to be a huge and success with a lot of student-athletes joining events and participating competitively.  All 24 live sessions were led by members of the P.E. Department along with helpers from all over the school. A huge thank you goes to all staff being involved in running the VSD and our congratulations go to all participants and medalists. Virtual awards will be available to download from Firefly in due course. The Primary VSD ran this week with not only students joining activities but also parents and at times whole families taking part in the challenges of the live VSD sessions.

The PE Department is looking forward to running the authentic sports activities from August, including Core and Exam P.E. lessons, House competitions, Sports Days, BISB WOLVES fixtures, NAESA and DVAC festivals and tournaments.

Keep sporting, stay healthy, Go WOLVES!


Click here to watch Akos's video.
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Gergő Karácsony
Director of Sport