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23 March, 2016

Beyond the Classroom: Week Ending 03/23/16

Beyond the Classroom: Week Ending 03/23/16
Beyond the Classroom: Week Ending 03/23/16

Maurya Das

Maurya performed two piano pieces at the pre-college recital at the DePaul School of Music last Saturday, March 12.

Submitted by Manav Das.

Leon Liu

Leon Liu is a Year 5 student, a competitive chess player, and pianist. He won the 10th place at the Illinois State K-8 Chess Championship in 2014 (the top 10 player in the Illinois state in his year group). At the same time, he's also good at playing piano. At the 2016, Sonata-Sonatina Festival, Leon won the Silver Medal and has been graded "Superior" at the Junior Festivals in the last two years. Leon plays piano and chess everyday, as he is ambitious enough to make himself better everyday.     

Submitted by Weili He

Bobby Zumph

Bobby and his basketball team won their league championship this past Sunday. In the championship game, they faced an undefeated opponent. They had lost to this team three previous times during the regular season. The team showed real perseverance and didn't let the earlier losses stop them.  In the final game, the boys played together as a team to overcome a 5-point deficit. They ended the season with a win and the first place trophy!  

Submitted by Susie Zumph


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