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01 June, 2016

Beyond the Classroom: Week Ending 06/01/16

Beyond the Classroom: Week Ending 06/01/16
Beyond the Classroom: Week Ending 06/01/16
Ava Deakin

Ava Deakin was awarded one of five scholarships to attend the Made by Girls program at Digital Media Academy this summer. For the competition, Ava worked wrote a a 500-word essay about her aspirations to work in the field biomechatronics and how that links to computer science.

Made by Girls is a program at Digital Media Academy dedicated to empowering girls by providing a safe learning environment designed to increase confidence in coding and computer science.

Submitted by Lisa Diehlmann

The Fischers

Roman (Year 2) and Allegra (Year 4) together with their sister Francesca (Year 6, SL), competed in the Mini Mudder last weekend. It was a 1-mile obstacle course mud run!

It was challenging, physical, dirty and required team work to get through all the obstacles. They all completed the course and helped everyone cross the line too!

Submitted by Megan Fischer

Ronen Lakonishok

Ronen donated more than 30 new toys, books, and socks to Lurie Children's Hospital.  He is glad that he can help provide these things for the children at the hospital each year on his birthday.  In lieu of birthday presents, Ronen's friends helped him collect the items.  He loves that the children at the hospital are getting the kinds of toys and books he likes as well  as that it makes them happy!

Submitted by Julie Lakonishok

Madison Marshiano

Monthly, Madison (Busy Beluga) and her family participates in making lunches for the residents for one of our city’s shelters. She looks forward to contributing to our community but especially likes to plan the menu, shop for the groceries, and then tells mom & dad how to best assemble the lunches. In this picture, she is quality checking her parent’s work. 

Submitted by Kristie Marshiano