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16 November, 2016

The Definition of Personalization

The Definition of Personalization
The Definition of Personalization

Looking at the Oxford dictionary definition of 'personalize,' you will read words such as ‘individual, tailored and needs;’ as a teacher these words and more importantly the meaning of these words are ingrained in our everyday pedagogy.  At BISC Lincoln Park, we continually work to individualize the learning and teaching for each of our students. 

Our most recent work on the Individual Learning Records (ILRs) continue to demonstrate this commitment to our learners.  However, it would be wrong of me not to mention some of the other ways in which a student’s experience is personalized not only to their learning goals, but also their areas of interest.  For example, during and after an IPC knowledge harvest, the teacher will ensure they have gained a great picture of what the children already know about the upcoming topic and where the students would like to travel on their learning journey.  The teacher then takes time to meticulously plan the learning opportunities ensuring these interests and next steps are met along an enriching and enlightening road of learning. 

I would also be doing myself and my Dragonfly colleagues a disservice if I didn’t mention the work we do here in the Determined Dragonflies.  From intervention strategies to individualized phonic Pokemon card packs, we continually work with individual and small groups of learners to take their achievements to a level they may otherwise feel is not reachable. 

It is clear that personalization is one of the keys to our success as a school and one of the reason so many families put their trust in British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park.    

Andy Smith is an aspiring leader and member of the Learning Resource team.