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07 September, 2017

The New School Year Brings New Opportunities

The New School Year Brings New Opportunities
The New School Year Brings New Opportunities

It’s the start of a brand new school year; it feels fresh and it feels exciting – and these are the feelings of the teachers! September is such a wonderful month for anyone who goes to school and it is that fresh feeling, as the air turns more crisp as we say farewell to summer and welcome in the fall, where we meet our new classes and begin to work towards their targets for June! There are our academic focuses but there are also our social and emotional targets. It is the latter area of personalized learning that I particularly enjoy observing develop and progress in each child.

Each year, the change that takes place in the heart and mind of our children as they mature and grow towards their next year in school is heart-warming to witness.  One way in which we personalize this development is through our new Goal Squad and Values curriculum that supports the child through the year. For example, to help teach appreciation during months of festivals and celebrations, it becomes our focus and target for our children. Another example is teaching unity and cooperation at the start of the year when children need that guidance in how we become cooperative and thoughtful members of our community, in our fresh month of September. With this carefully selected and planned program, we can address the needs of our children when they need it most.  

Kirsty Gallo is BISC Lincoln Park's Year 3 class teacher and Senior Leader