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28 March, 2019

Springing Into a New Basketball Season

Springing Into a New Basketball Season
Springing Into a New Basketball Season

The BISC-LP Year 5 & 6 Bulldog Basketball players have been practicing and training hard in preparation for the Spring CAMS league. With training and matches twice a week, our players are at their peak physical condition. Both the boys and girls teams have shown resilience, as they have yet to win a game, but have kept their heads up, and motivated each other through positivity and solid team work. Playing together in a team creates a sense of belonging and one which everyone works hard for. #GoBulldogs!

World Health Day is fast approaching on Sunday, April 7th and hopefully with warmer weather, everyone will be eager to get outside. Team sports are a great way to help develop self-esteem, motor skills, coordination and social skills. Sometimes getting children motivated to head outside after the winter season, or keeping them interested in playing a sport can be an uphill struggle. It’s important to understand what motivates your child and ways to encourage them to stay active and in team sports.  If you are interested in some encouraging tools that can support children’s motivation this article has some great tips.

-Amy Donaldson-Davidson, Athletics Director