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September 18, 2019

BISC-LP Celebrates on the Red Carpet

BISC-LP Celebrates on the Red Carpet - bisc-lp-celebrates-on-the-red-carpet
BISC-LP Celebrates on the Red Carpet

BISC-LP’s first big day of the year was held on the first Friday of the month! It was our monthly Spirit Day where all the staff and children proudly dress in their house T-shirt. There were displays of red, yellow, purple and orange as our four houses (named after the streets that surround our school) came together in the afternoon for our second excitement of the day: our very first Red Carpet Assembly! There is so much to celebrate at the end of each week, it was thought that a grand assembly would be the perfect way to end a week’s worth of achievement!

With a sea of colors, and smiles all around, we began our very first set of Red Carpet Awards! 

To make it extra special, and so that the children know just how proud we are, the assembly is very much like the Oscars ceremony. There is a red carpet, which drew gasps of amazement in the first week, as the children entered the gym; there is a press section where our MAC team snap the winners’ smiles; awards music plays throughout; there are stanchions for the children to enter into the spotlight; and there is a sparkly, gold folder which holds the prestigious certificates, proudly sitting on the shiny gold lectern! It is an exciting honor to just watch to be in the audience!

Each week, we have winners from each year group and some from specialist subjects who have demonstrated our Goal Squad and Values throughout the week. A popular award is the ‘Walk of Fame’ award, where a class is presented with a star for their teamwork in demonstrating our Goal Squad and Values. The assembly ends with our house point results, where our children and staff house captains come together to find out who will receive the house trophy! 

The assembly’s focus is to remind us all of the progress and successes we have had over the week, and to celebrate in a high-energy style. The children also have an opportunity to demonstrate their group singing, as we listen to them chorus a known celebratory song; it’s magical! 

It has been a huge success! The energy, the enthusiasm and the pure joy on the faces of the children is a delight to witness. Not only are the winners of the awards grinning, but also their friends and teachers; high fives, pats on the back and hugs spontaneously erupt as names are announced. Our school community demonstrates its positive and supportive nature in the most natural and honest way. We now look forward to each Friday afternoon, when our red carpet is rolled out, so that our school can come together to enjoy BISC-LP’s Red Carpet Awards!


-Kirsty Gallo, Assistant Head-Community/Well-Being