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17 October, 2019

MIT's Reveals Newest Theme

MIT's Reveals Newest Theme

This year’s MIT collaboration theme is Reveal – Discovering Science Through Compelling Images. The MIT collaboration’s aim is to embody the teaching and learning culture at MIT, and bring elements of it into our classrooms. It provides an opportunity for a glimpse into the research happening at MIT through highlighting some experts:

Extreme Exposure featuring Allan Adams – Allan’s lab is developing low-cost, low-power imaging technologies that make marine research more accessible.

A Different Lens featuring Felice Frankel – Through judicious decisions about medium, lighting, composition, and digital manipulate, Felice Frankel constructs visually stunning images that also convey important information.

Our aim is to bring these challenges to the children so that they can apply their knowledge, skills, and understanding to real-world problems, just like MIT students and researchers. What’s more it’s a great chance for our children to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.

-Tom Collins, STEAM Leader and Science Specialist