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January 23, 2020

Sticking to Success

Sticking to Success - sticking-to-success
Sticking to Success

In the past few years, The Goal Squad has become a huge part of the BISC-LP school community. Each character encourages students to uphold the values of the Goal Squad in their daily lives.  The Goal Squad even has their own set of stickers for each member of the squad and this is their second year of success. Students receive a sticker when they have shown good behavior and they love wearing the sticker proudly around school. 


"The stickers are used in the Panthers when the children go above and beyond to show our Goal Squad Values. When they return to the classroom, the children are buzzing with excitement to show myself and their peers what they have received. The children are so proud and supportive of each other when someone gets a sticker. I have previously caught children jumping for joy as they walk down the corridor because they are so proud and excited!" -Ms. Cox, Year 1


Amelia in the Proud Panthers and Claudia and Alexia in the Outgoing Owls are just a few of our students that have recently received stickers. Amelia received her sticker for being thoughtful to her friend Avery when she wasn't feeling well and received a Miss Thoughful sticker. Ms. McVey mentioned that Claudia and Alexia were being very respectful while sitting on the carpet every day and deserved their Mr. Respect stickers. The girls both said how great they felt while taking their stickers proudly from Mrs. Gallo and beamed with pride. 


We are so proud of our students for contuning to follow the values of the Goal Squad and look forward to plenty more stickers during the rest of the school year!