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04 June, 2020

Cookies & Compassion: BISC-LP Girl Scouts Making a Difference!

Cookies & Compassion: BISC-LP Girl Scouts Making a Difference!

What started with a simple question by the members of the Year 1 Girl Scout Daisy Troop lead to a wonderful story of compassion, hard work and generosity by an ambitious and caring group of young girls.



We're all familiar with Girl Scout cookie season, and for so many of us it's a time to stock up on all of our favorites. Amidst the excitement and anticipation of the cookie sale frenzy, this group of five and six year old girls couldn't help but think about those less fortunate than themselves.  Laura W., one of the three Troop Leaders, recounts, "at the beginning of the second term, the girls' first question was, 'but what about people who can't afford $5 for a box of cookies?'".  So with care, compassion and societal awareness as a springboard to action, these girls and their Troop Leaders pledged to find a way to make a difference. 

Along the way, they had some challenges with two things they never could have predicted - sheer volume of cookies sold by some very savvy young entrepreneurs, and a fast-moving global pandemic headed their way. The entire time, the girls remained focused on the mission to give back. When all was said and done, the Daisies were able to donate their profit of over $1,500 to the No Kid Hungry COVID-19 Appeal, which supports the children who rely on school meals and cannot access them while schools are closed. For many children, this is sadly their only meal, so the Girl Scouts' donation will have a massive impact on those children in Chicago schools and across the country. 

At this moment in time, when there is so much uncertainty and pain felt across the world, it's uplifting to share and celebrate stories of positivity and good deeds, especially when they are within our BISC-LP community. Cheers to BISC-LP Year 1 Girl Scout Troop Daisy!

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