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09 December, 2020

Spotlight on Sport #3: A message from Mr. Webb

Spotlight on Sport #3: A message from Mr. Webb Director of Athletics, Mr. Adam Webb is here again to shine the spotlights on sport at BISC-LP!

As part of the Key Stage 2 curriculum there is an additional hour for physical education identified on the timetable as ‘Games’. The Athletics Department are passionate about providing a range of sporting experiences for our pupils which we do this through bespoke coaching programs delivered by experienced coaches.


Since the beginning of the academic year, we have worked hard to continue to provide exciting and immersive sporting opportunities for our Key Stage 2 children. Over the next five weeks, I will be shining the sporting spotlight on current our Games providers.

Our third coach in the spotlight is Master Kris who has been a member of the BISC-LP family for many years and now shares his passion for martial arts within our revised Games curriculum.

How long have you been a coach? 

I have been coaching Taekowndo for the past 23 years 

What do your Games sessions focus on?

The Games sessions focus on fundamentals in Traditional and Olympic Taekwondo, such as developing strength, coordination, agility and mindset for Taekwondo. Along with that the students at British School learn basic blocks, strikes, kicking techniques and forms, as part of the education course. 

What do you feel are the benefits of learning this sport?

Taekwondo gives you an opportunity to show your courage, discipline and self-awareness. The biggest benefit is you learn about yourself and how well you can manage in a difficult situation. Taekwondo is a life philosophy and you will mostly learn life skills along with improving yourself as a person. 

What is the best piece of advice you would offer to a Taekwondo enthusiast?

To be patient and listen. 


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