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10 March, 2021

UPDATE! Year 5 Medal-Winner!

UPDATE! Year 5 Medal-Winner! Taking her passion for dance to the next level, this Year 5 student is achieving great things! Avani Wall Pic

BISC-LP students work hard and put forth 100% effort during the school day, so it comes as no surprise when we witness that same ambitious spirit outside of the classroom! For as long as she can remember, Year 5 student Avani C. has always loved to move her body and dance to music. With a twinkle in her eys, she shares, "I remember I would put on bead necklaces and my parents would play music while I twirled and whirled around the room." That enthusiasm for movement has evolved into a more dedicated and discplined practice with classes and workshops over the last several years.

Avani Dance Uniform Avani outside

More recently, she joined the Youth Ensemble with Visceral Dance Chicago and particpated in her very first competition last weekend. As a result of practice and training through virtual and in-person lessons, she and fellow dance ensemble members took home the gold medal for Jazz - Large Group, and bronze medal for Contemporary - Trio in their respective divisions. 

Although, Avani's dance training spans all genres, her favorite type of dance is improvisational. When asked to go into more detail about why, she enthusiastically explained, "What I like about dance is that you can express your feelings. My favorite type of dance is improv. You can just do what you want--there are no rules with it."

With this much excitment and passion about dance, there's no limit to her achievements. The BISC-LP community congratulates Avani on these recent accomplishements and looks forward to what the future holds! 

Avani Trio


More cheers are in order for Avani!  She and her dance team, Viscerals Petite Ensemble took 2nd Place overall in the mini duet/trio category at the recent VIP Dance Competition.