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07 December, 2021

Climbing to Success!

Climbing to Success! Year 6 student, Katherine C. inspires us with her recent climb to new heights for a big win!

Earlier this month, Year 6 student Katherine C. competed at the USA Climbing local bouldering competition and took home a first place ribbon in the Female Youth D category! This big win qualifies her for competing at the Regional Championship in January.






Rock climbing has been a passion of hers for close to three years. Her training routine includes two and half hour practice sessions twice a week after school and on some weekeneds. She admits it can sometimes be challenging to balance school obligations with the time and energy it takes to devote to climbing practice, but she finds it well worth the effort. When thinking about what aspect of climbing she likes most, she shared, "I really like the fact that once you finish a climb, you feel so good about yourself. You get the satisfaction in your body that you feel so happy that you completed a climb.” She likes that there are different types of rock climbing. "If you get stumped on one, you can try and do the next one."

Katherine's plan is to continue training and competing with a goal of reaching the Top 10 for Regional and advance to the Divisional championships. With her positive outlook and determination, we know she will soar to new heights and achieve greater success with rock climbing and all of her endeavors!