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03 February, 2022

Spotlight On Sport: BISC-LP Students On Target!

Spotlight On Sport: BISC-LP Students On Target! Athletics Director, Adam Webb shines the spotlight on three aspiring archers!

On Sunday, January 30th, North Side Archery Club hosted their 4th Annual “Barebow Brawl”. This is an archery tournament for young players who are interested in a competitive environment. With archery having been introduced to our Key Stage 2 Games curriculum this year, we were very excited to hear of three BISC-LP students who entered!


Francesca, Noah, and Theo, all Year 6 pupils, all entered this year’s tournament, and it was the first time for them all. Francesca, of Spirited Spoonbills, said “it was the most nervous I’ve been. I didn’t want to be the only one who had never been before”. However, she had first gained her interest through experiences in Girl Scouts and has been going to an Archery Club regularly.

Theo Frankie Noah Frankie and Noah

The competition was stiff and required all players to shoot in a series of rounds. We are so proud that all our BISC-LP students took hold of this opportunity and fired themselves into an unfamiliar environment. Their results were fantastic and all of them now have targets and ambitions to improve their scores and show the resilience and determination that it takes to work your way further up the scoreboard! Noah, of the Proud Peacocks, said, “the experience felt inspiring, and I felt exhilarated after”. His family was very proud of him for pushing himself outside of his comfort zone. 

Both Francesca and Theo attend archery club every week, and Noah is looking at joining a group that has had such a positive experience. Francesca did have one big word of advice, which I know that we can apply to all areas of our lives, “Practice. Set yourself a goal first, practice and then just go for it”.

All three Archery enthusiasts have their eyes set on the next tournament and Theo is set to take his “Pin Shoot” in the coming weeks, “this is where you are judged on your score from a shoot. If you achieve your target, you get a colored pin. A bit like the belts in Taekwondo”.

If you or your child is interested in exploring the hobby of archery, please contact me and I’ll do my best to point your arrow in the right direction.

Adam Webb
Director of Athletics