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26 May, 2022

Maker Faire 2022: A Hole in One!

Maker Faire 2022: A Hole in One!

June 2nd and 3rd see the return of the school’s annual Maker Faire and sadly marks my last one at BISC-LP. 

Since its inception the aim of the Maker Faire has been to bring our students together to innovate, design, present and generally celebrate their amazing creativity. It started as an entrepreneurship event, where teams of students were given a small budget and asked to make a product to sell at a profit to raise money for charity. It has also been a superhero design challenge, tackling the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It has also been a huge cardboard arcade and a humble event digging into what children are interesting in- linking questions to make a web of curiosity. During the lock down summer, it was a completely online event, and last year a straightforward ‘Hack the Box’ challenge. One thing has never changed, each team has a small budget for things to spruce up their builds, but otherwise it is fully recyclable.

image robot makers fair

children at maker fair

Now in its 7th year, the Maker Faire sees our students inspired to create BISCLP’s Mini Golf course. Each class are working on a theme of their choice to make a mini-golf hole to add to the course. They will then get an opportunity to tour the course on the Friday and celebrate their friend’s creations.

I’m incredibly excited to see what the classes come up with! I’ve heard talk of Chicago themed holes, extreme weather themes, and buzzing bees too. I know it will promise to be a couple of enjoyable days to kick off the beginning of out last few weeks of the school year. Keep your eyes on the school’s social media for images and videos of the days.

Tom Collins
STEAM Leader