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News image BISS’ IB Scores Above World Average Again! - IB Results 2024 News | Student Stories | School Activities | IB Academy | Homepage Featured Article
BISS’ IB Scores Above World Average Again!

The British International School Shanghai, Puxi, is once again celebrating outstanding IBDP results. Graduates achieved an exceptional average score of 34.5 — well above the world average of 30.

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News image Why I Chose BISS - A Parent Story - Why I Chose BISS - A Parent Story News | School Activities | Student Stories | School News | parents | Homepage Featured Article
Why I Chose BISS - Catherine's Story

Catherine and her son Marcus (Year 2) joined BISS in August 2023, but why did they choose our school? Catherine sat down to speak with us about what attracted her to apply, how she found the admissions process, and much more!

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News image A Day of Drama at NACIS - a-day-of-drama-at-nacis Blog | studentstories | Student Stories
A Day of Drama at NACIS
We walked out of school and on to the bus, bursting with adrenaline and excitement, on our way to NACIS. The ride was great fun, our small Drama group laughing at silly things such as Sofia’s drawn on moustache (ready for the performance, and lots of group selfies were taken.
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News image Primary Sports Day - primary-sports-day Blog | studentstories | Student Stories
Primary Sports Day
On Monday 24 May, BISS Puxi students experienced one of their first competitive Sports Days. This Sports Day is the third in a series of five Sports Days hosted by BISS Puxi. Although activities such as running, jumping, and throwing feature in all five Sports Days, the timing, complexity, and competitiveness of each Sports Day is heightened as the student progresses through the school.
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News image BISS Unplugged: Remarkable Recitals - biss-unplugged-remarkable-recitals Blog | studentstories | Student Stories
BISS Unplugged: Remarkable Recitals
We would like to invite students to participate in the upcoming Performing Arts recitals on Monday 1 March – Thursday 4 March.
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News image Exploring our achievements - exploring-our-achievements Blog | studentstories | Student Stories
Exploring our achievements
Now that we have reached the end of Term 1, I would like to take this opportunity to explore and celebrate different aspects of what we have achieved together during this time.
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News image A little bit of magic - a-little-bit-of-magic Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Featured on Homepage | NAE Stories | Student Stories
A little bit of magic
It’s great to be back. The school is starting to feel like the BISS Puxi of August 2019, before all of the quarantine and supervision rules and staggered leaving times. It has been a long summer with many people working hard to ensure the school has taken all of the necessary steps to ensure we were able to open again safely.
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